Multifunctional Strength Training Unit

  • Trains A Huge Range Of Muscle Groups
  • Upper Body and Lower Body Functionality
  • Two Axis Lifting Arms Move Freely
  • Ultra Heavy Duty Construction
  • Available In Custom Colours


Trains A Huge Range Of Muscle Groups

The X-FLEX trains a huge range of muscle groups and offers dozens of different ways to train. It's built to take heavy loads on the olympic weight sleeves and fills in the gaps other strength machines left untouched.

Upper Body and Lower Body Functionality

X-FLEX features handgrips and split squat functionality to offer more training options in your gym. The design of X-FLEX places two levers at waist height and split squats at floor level, with adjustable support beams that allow the starting point to be manipulated to suit the exercise.

Two Axis Lifting Arms Move Freely

Each arm is attached to the frame using a two axis gimbal style attachment point that facilitates free movement of the weights. This ensures linear motions aren't forced on the user and develops better strength and balance.

Ultra Heavy Duty Construction

We didn't mess around when we designed X-FLEX. The ultra heavy duty construction includes thick plate steel and strong steel tube, with long welds that stand strong.

Available In Custom Colours

The X-FLEX is available in our range of Polymer coatings and upholstery colours to suit your branding. Talk to your sales representative to find your colour match.

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