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From Valkyrie Rigs to Commercial Strength Dumbbells, we're the place people come to when they need the best gym equipment in Australia. We go above and beyond to source the absolute toughest gear on the market, sourcing equipment from hand picked manufacturers before testing and re-testing to ensure our name only goes on rock solid, military grade hardware.

Australia's toughest Equipment Company.

The Valkyrie Rig is the centerpiece of our Commercial lineup. Made from the toughest, thickest steel of any rig system, this infinitely customizable system is the benchmark for training rigs worldwide.

Built to Last.

Custom Gear

When you're ordering for commercial facilities, we can tailor our equipment to suit your branding. Our process utilizes a mould or laser etch based system, rather than a basic decal that will fade with time.

With clients like World Gym, UFC Gym and Sydney Swans using our custom branding, you can be sure that you're getting premium quality.

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