Increase signup confidence.

Signup Welcome Packs

Increased value and confidence for your new members.

Increase Confidence

Give your new members something to walk away with. Paying a huge signup fee for a swipe card doesn't stack up for most people, and many gym staffers don't explain the hidden costs that make the signup fee so important. Giving them a tangible and useful gift helps to alleviate concerns around value and makes a membership more valuable to the client

Eliminate Barriers

Don't let prospective members down by failing to provide them with a sense of belonging. Giving them the tools they need to train will help ensure success and give them a reason to rave about your gym to their mates. And when you invest in branded gear, you'll be advertising your gym with every membership.

Increase Visibility

With branded welcome packs, you'll be putting your gym front and center in your client's mind - and their friend's and colleagues minds, too. Think of every time you've seen a branded water bottle at work, or on the street - big gym chains have used the free and ultra-mobile advertising provided by their members for years, and now you can too.

Choose your Packages

Minimum Order of 50 Units

Functional Pack

Running a functional training zone, box-style fitness gym or bootcamp? Functional Pack is perfect for supplementing any functional training program.

Micro Band Set

A Premium Rubber Micro-Band Set will help your members warm up, stretch and prime their bodies before, during or after training. Help new members avoid injury with Aussie Strength Micro-Bands.

Foam Roller

This tried and tested tool for myofascial release will give your members an incredible sense of value while helping them through the vital first weeks of their training programs.

Massage Ball

Perfect for trigger-point release common to infrequent or new members, and essential for the athlete who needs to ensure optimal performance, the Massage Ball is a necessary tool for everyone.

Olympic Pack

Are you members going to be lifting barbells and building strength? The Olympic pack is perfect for box-style gyms and bodybuilding facilities.

Weightlifting Belt

The Aussie Strength Weightlifting Belt is perfect for novice and advanced lifters alike, ensuring optimal use of abdominal muscles and helping to reduce the chance of injury.

Wrist Wraps

Don't let your new members get turned off by sore palms, and save your floor from unnecessary chalk mess by supplying wrist wraps to every new member.

Ab Mat

It's easy to neglect what is arguably the most important muscle group when you're chasing deadlift gains - giving members an Ab Mat will help them reduce injury by emphasising the importance of abdominal training.

Hydrate Pack

Give members who are chasing serious gains the tools they need to perform. Hydrate pack includes tools essential for the warmer months to prevent dehydration and save your gear from sweat.

2L Water Bottle

A huge water bottle to keep your members at full hydration and optimal performance. You'll reduce queues for your water station and help members hit their goals faster.

Small Gym Towel

It's not just for keeping sweat off your gear - towels help members reach new levels of performance by keeping a solid grip on weights and the sweat our of their eyes.

Liquid Chalk

Eliminate the mess of chalk boxes and give your members a Liquid Chalk bottle - your floor, your air quality and your cleaning bill will thank you for it.

What's the Welcome Pack process?

Step 1

Choose your Pack

Decide which Welcome Pack is the best for your members.

Step 2

Your brand, or ours?

Decide whether or not you'd like to invest in custom branding for your Welcome Pack gear.

Step 3

Sign Up

Grab your first kit of Welcome Packs from Aussie Strength.

Step 4

Start Selling

Give your welcome packs to new members to alleviate value-for-money concerns and build advocacy.