Weightlifting Belt - Nylon - S

Weightlifting belt is an essential part of any serious lifter’s kit.

Size Guide

  • XS 62-82cm
  • S 67-87cm
  • M 77-97cm
  • L 82-102cm
  • XL 87-107cm
  • XXL 92-112cm


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This belt protects the lower back while you’re engaged in the lift. It provides greater support to the whole mid-section, especially the bones and discs of the lower back. Weightlifting Belt forms a rigid girdle around the lower torso, effectively connecting the rib cage to the hips. The belt should be worn just above the hips with the fastener over your lower abdominals. It should sit as low as possible without becoming jammed into the crease of the hips during squats or deadlifts.