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Weightlifting Barbells & Plates


Weightlifting Bars & Plates


The Aussie Strength High Performance Bumper Plate Set is the perfect product for fitting out any serious home gym or training facility. As our premium line of bumper plates, this is a competition ready solution for both Olympic Lifting and other sports such as CrossFit or Bodybuilding.

Featuring standard sizing, Olympic sleeves and a familiar knurl feel, you won’t have any surprises when you fit your existing facility or new setup with the HP2 Bumper Plate Set. We take care to ensure that every detail is perfected – and when you correctly care for your Bar and Plates, you can expect them to last. We back our included Valkyrie Hybrid Barbell with a lifetime warranty for CrossFit – even if you’re dumping it all day long.


The toughest Barbells in Australia.

Designed to meet the demands of CrossFit™ use.


We have bars built specifically for everything from Olympic Weightlifting & Powerlifting to Crossfit.

Bar & Bumper Packs

This kind of quality used to be found in hardcore gyms and on competition stages. Now every day Australians are using competition grade bumper plates and barbells in their own homes and small studios are using better quality equipment than big gym chains - and we're are making that possible with premium grade gear at ultra-competitive prices.

Pick up any Valkyrie Hybrid barbell and you'll feel the quality immediately. Put an Aussie Strength HP2 Bumper Plate set on and you'll be on another level.

Fractional Plates

Valkyrie IPF/IWF Spec Barbells

Our Valkyrie Olympic Knurling conforms to IWF standards, and features a grip that is enough to ensure a strong hold, but will carry you comfortably through long workouts. We've included a center knurling to maintain the tradition of Olympic Lifting Barbells - but it's a light grade, to avoid discomfort whilst performing cleans or back squats.

Our patented dual snap ring needle bearing system gives you a feel that's halfway between Eleiko and Uesaka - our unique take on the very same style used in Olympic and Weightlifting world championships.

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Genuine LOCK-JAW Collars


The SPX Rack is the perfect piece of gear for adding rack positions to you gym. It's also perfect for home gyms - it gives you a tough OptiGrip chin up bar, and when you pair it with Spotting Arms and an Aussie Strength bench, you can complete all major compound exercises at one station.

Is a newly designed Braced Squat Rack with included Utility Pegs more your style? The SPX Rack Elite Mk5 is a major upgrade to a standard squat rack. Including utility pegs and a brace component as standard, you can store all your plates on it with ease.

The range topping Braced Squat Cage with Multi-Grip Pullup Bar is our SPX Rack Elite Mk6. It's a complete training system providing not only superior strength in the rack position, but huge weight capacity for storage and spotting arms. And that's not all - with the perfect footprint, you can perform pull up exercises on the multi grip bar with perfect stability.

The Valkyrie SPX Rack features Unmatched Strength - made from the same PolyResin coated steel seen in the Valkyrie Rig System, it's designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Available in a wide gamut of colours, the Black and Red PolyResin coatings give you Ultraviolet Protection to make this rack your best line of defence against the perfect storm for corrosion that is your Outdoor Gym.