Weight Vests

Weight Vests Informations

All Tactical Vest does not come with the lb plates.

Aussie Strength Weight Vests are here to load you up! Aussie Strength Weight Vests will maximise your cardiovascular exercises, such as running, skipping or kettlebell workouts. By adding weight to your body you’ll be working harder, burning calories faster and adding intensity to your training routine. Weight Vests are a practical way of distributing weight evenly across your body when exercising. Your movement when wearing a Weight Vest is natural, your posture remains strong and you’re free to use your arms if and when needed. Aussie Strength have a range of different Weight Vests that work with you as your fitness level grows. My adding and removing weight from your vest, it becomes a versatile, invaluable piece of exercise equipment.

Aussie Strength have a 12 month warranty on all Weight Vests.