The Folding Power Rack System That's Built For Your Home Gym

The VSPX Hydraulix Half Rack Is Here

The Best Home Gym Power Rack Designed in Sydney for Australian Garage Gyms


Commercial Quality Hydraulic System

Ultra-Tough OptiGrip™ Finish

Customize Your Colour And Size

CNC Cut & Robotic Welded for Maximum Precision

Premium Quality, Accessible Price

Australian Service & Warranty
The First Commercial-Grade Wall Mounted Home Gym Equipment System in Australia

The Wall Mounted Home Gym Half Rack That Can Handle Your Biggest Lifts Yet

We always knew a wall mounted home gym half rack is the best option for so many people. But we weren’t about to release one that sacrifices your training - or the quality standard that makes VALKYRIE the best Gym Equipment brand in AUstralia.

That’s why we created the VSPX HYDRAULIX.

Finally, a home gym power rack that’s totally wall mounted - and it’ll handle squats, chins, bench press, and rack pulls. And as if it wasn’t killer enough already, we’ve added storage for your bumpers, barbells, foam rollers, exercise mats, accessories, swiss balls and VALKYRIE accessories. That means your J-Hooks, Dip Bars and Benches get stored on the wall as well.

VSPX HYDRAULIX is the home gym equipment revolution you’ve been waiting for.

Think You Need A Gym Membership To Train Like A Pro? Think Again.

VALKYRIE Is Changing The Home Gym Equipment Game with Hydraulix.

When it’s time to crush your training, you’ll get the full VALKYRIE experience from VSPX HYDRAULIX - and the robotically welded, CNC machined and UV treated chassis will stand up to any weight you throw at it. When you're done, four military-grade gas struts effortlessly fold VSPX HYDRAULIX against the wall, so you can have your garage back without compromising your Home Gym Equipment.

Now You Don't Have To Choose Between Fitness And Floor Space

The Ultimate Home Gym Power Rack For Urban Athletes.

We know the drill - you’ve got a garage that's stretched to the limit already. But that shouldn’t mean you can’t train like a pro, and that’s why the technology behind VSPX Hydraulix is so important. Now that commercial-grade power racks come in wall-mounted, completely fold-up systems, you can train whenever you feel like it - not just when you can get to the gym.

The First Commercial Grade Folding Power Rack in Australia

True Valkyrie Experience in a Compact, Wall Mounted Half Rack

Commercial training is getting smaller - and we came prepared. VSPX Hydraulix was the natural next step for Valkyrie - because when your gyms are scaling down and specialising, you need the right tools for the job. VSPX Hydraulix will free up floor space and make spreading out easy, without comprimising your brand.

Don't Let Your Space Compromise Your Training

Create A Functional Zone In Your Garage with VSPX.

When you do the same thing over and over again, you’re gonna get the same results. And nobody was every going to liberate their floorspace by making their racks smaller - they’re just compromising the functionality.

That’s why VSPX Hydraulix doesn’t waste a square inch. Fold the whole rack into your wall and liberate space for deadlifts - or literally any other exercise you can think of.

Ready to Build The Ultimate Home Gym?

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VSPX Hydraulix 2400

The Standard For Larger Spaces & Outdoor Installations

  • 2400mm Work-Mode Height
  • 2700mm Stored Height
  • 1250mm Width
  • 740mm Depth in Work Mode
  • Includes Chin-Up Bar
  • Compatiable with all VALKYRIE Accessories

VSPX Hydraulix 2500

Premium Size for Commercial Gym Spaces

  • 2500mm Work-Mode Height
  • 2920mm Stored Height
  • 1250mm Width
  • 740mm Depth in Work Mode
  • Includes Chin-Up Bar
  • Compatiable with all VALKYRIE Accessories

VSPX Hydraulix 2100

The Compact Option for Any Standard Ceiling.

  • 2100mm Work-Mode Height
  • 2500mm Stored Height
  • 1250mm Width
  • 740mm Depth in Work Mode
  • Includes Chin-Up Bar
  • Compatiable with all VALKYRIE Accessories
Compatiable with VALKYRIE Extras

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