Would you like a strength and
conditioning gym that you can take
wherever you want and setup
in under 5 minutes?

If you want a portable strength and conditioning facility that you can setup real quick,
The Valkyrie VSPX GO will be the most important option for you to consider.

here’s why.

The Australian Defense Force wanted these exact deployable gym. And we designed it with them.

It took us years of study, research, and rigorous field testing to deliver something that's:

  • Well-equipped
  • Organised
  • Portable/Deployable
  • Secure
  •  Precision made with state of the art computer
    control cut CNC machines, robotics & robotic
  • OptiGrip TM Outdoor rated & weather shielding
    UV coatings.

The result?

The Valkyrie Sports Locker, made by a 100% Australian owned
and veteran operated company, which has a huge manufacturing line featuring:

Racks / Pull-up bars / Barbells / Dumbbells  / Any type of Medicine ball
Ladders & Ropes / Kettlebells / Internal custom secure storage options for all equipment
And much more

Imagine having everything you need for strength and conditioning workouts,
that's quick to setup, and you can place almost anywhere you want.
And when you're done, just simply put the system back into the trunk,
take it home and put it in the garage or back yard.

It’s basically a well-designed toolbox.

It allows you to go where traditional gyms cannot.

From field operations & forward bases, warehouses, accommodation blocks,
car parks to rooftops, and even the outback, all you need to do is
decide where to put it. 

Then, your Valkyrie VSPX GO can be fully operational
within 5 minutes of deployment with no tools,
and pack down again fully stored in it’s self contained
trunk with wheels for easy maneuvering

If you’d like us to make one for you or if you’d like more info about
The Valkyrie VSPX GO - fill in the form or give us a call by clicking the ‘call’ button below.

p.s. do you know why sandwiches taste better when other people make them? We don’t.
But for some reason, same goes for deployable gyms.

p.p.s. if there was ever a time when it was okay to have the heavy-lifting done for you, this would be it.