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Valkyrie VSPX3 Full Cage PRE-ORDER

Included with VSPX3

  • Mono Lift
  • Jammer Arms
  • Elite J-Hooks
  • Full Length Safety Rails
  • Spotting Arms
  • Plyo Platform
  • Sling Brackets and Sling Safetys
  • Multi Grip and Single Grip Chin-Up Bar
  • Torso Trainer
  • Weight Plate Storage
  • Band Peg Attachments
  • Bulgarian Rollers x 2
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This elite-grade Squat Rack is designed to deliver an exceptional training experience - no matter what your code is. VSPX3 covers all the bases with attachments for the latest training tactics including Jammer Arms and Mono Lift. It's got enhanced safety for commercial and home gym applications with Full Length Safety Rails, Sling Safetys and Elite J-Hooks that are built tough for years of active service.

The Ultimate Home Gym Rig

We're the first Australian company to bring true commercial grade gear into the home gym world. The technology that makes VSPX3 possible is a result of working alongside leading Gym Chain directors to deliver unbreakable strength to their locations across Australia. It's designed to be dropped out of a helicopter into field ops in war zones and it's in service across Australian military bases in Australia. There's nothing quite like VALKYRIE - because nobody else has the same unrelenting drive to build the highest quality racks, rigs and strength gear that we do.


This is a big package - and it's gonna cost a little bit to move around. Unlike other squat racks, VALKYRIE VSPX3 is built from real, thick steel - and that means it's heavy.

We ship VSPX3 on pallets, and it'll take some lifting to get it into your home. If you live in Sydney, call us first - we can arrange next-day deliver on a taxi truck for much less if you're in a qualifying area.

Lifetime Structural Warranty

Valkyrie VSPX Power Cage features a lifetime structural warranty on steel and welding. Valkyrie Rigs and Racks also include a heavy duty polyresin powdercoat with a UV stabilised treatment that's suitable for outdoor use. You should change to stainless steel bolts for outdoor - we can supply these if required.

  • Lifetime structural warranty on steel and welding.
  • Urethane J-Hook and spotting arm protection covers are replaceable for a nominal fee every few years or as required.
  • Fair wear and tear is expected to occur on paint and finishing and is not covered by warranty. This applies to accidental damage, however unlikely that may be.
  • Expect minor surface oxidisation to occur with outdoor use, espescially if you live near the ocean.

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