We know this is stating the obvious, but this is not your average strength machine lineup. VALKYRIE Strength machines aren't picked from a catalog and shipped in when you order them. They don't come in seventeen different brand names depending on who you buy them off. And they are simply nothing like anything else available in Australia.

Put simply, the VALKYRIE Strength range was designed to make serious strength and bodybuilding machinery available to Australian gyms - and solve the problem of disposable strength machines for good.

This is the definitive Strength Machine lineup, featuring the most in-demand strength training technology on the market.

By focusing on key movements for strength building, our catalog is packed with the most useful machines. If using every square meter to your advantage is a must in your gym, choose VALKYRIE Strength to get a massive strength return on every piece.

Every machines is made using thicker, stronger steel to protect their structure from the heaviest workouts, and our trademark OptiGrip coating is thicker and more durable than the powder coating found on strength machines of the past.

We've designed every piece in the VALKYRIE Strength line around the form and function of the human body. We constantly action feedback from top trainers to ensure our machines fight for your strength, not against it.

Available in a huge range of frame and upholstery colours, VALKYRIE Strength is made to order and customized with your brand's colour scheme, while the VALKYRIE Rack and Rig range is customisable with heavy-duty laser cut logo plates.