Valkyrie Multi Grip Chin Bar 1080mm - Single Sided

  • 1080mm multi grip chin bar designed for Valkyrie Rigs and power cages
  • VALKYRIE Multi Grip Chin bar will build your back, biceps, chest and abs in one all-round workout.
  • In VALKYRIE Multi Grip Chin bar, you’ll never run out of grip variations as it offers more variety than a straight bar.
  • With a 1080mm overall length, making it universal with any Valkyrie Rig, Power Cage, and VSPX1, VSPX2, VSPX3.
  • This bar has been extremely popular, and there's usually a waiting time on this bar due to it's popularity.
  • Please note it is extremely heavy, and definitely requires two people to install. This is not a one man job.

$ 499

Available in 1 Week


About Valkyrie Multi Grip Chin Bar

Our Valkyrie Multi Grip chin bar answers the call of every serious strength and conditioning gym. The single version of this bar has a "skinny" side only, and is 34mm diameter, and includes 4 neutral grip positions, and then a pipe that tapers down on each side for wide lat pull ups variations. So no matter if you need to do kipping, muscle ups, hammer pull ups, wide grip, neutral grip, alternating grip, fat grip, this chin bar has it all.

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