VALKYRIE Prone Row Bench (Bench Pull) IN STOCK

The VALKYRIE™ Prone Row bench

The VALKYRIE™ Prone Row bench is an old school favorite - the exact opposite of the bench press. Allowing athletes to develop often neglected back muscles, this truly is a must have for any serious training facility.
The Aussie Strength prone row bench has been designed to be a heavy duty, multi-use and highly versatile product. We've started with 9 gauge commercial quality steel, with 75mm x 75mm dimensions. From there we included our elite j hooks giving you complete control over the barbell position underneath the bench - but we didn't stop there. We wanted to make this bench as versatile as possible, so we designed it to be able to use our J-Hooks and Spotting Arms on the outside, allowing for floor press exercises and barbell rack pulls at variable heights using the spotting arms.

Prone Row Bench

Ships in 4-6 Weeks
  • Old School Favourite
  • Versatile Training Bench
  • Made from Super Strong VALKYRIE™ Steel
  • Double Stitched Upholstery
  • Black PolyResin Paint
  • Weight - 120kg
  • Dimensions - 200cm x 120cm x 100cm


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