VALKYRIE Platform - 3m x 2m - Classic - Custom/Custom


The Ultimate Olympic Platform System

VALKYRIE Custom Olympic Platforms are built to the highest standard of any platform available. Featuring thick plate steel cut with high-precision laser technology, each component is carefully folded into its final shape in our dedicated manufacturing facility. Our platforms are primed and powder-coated with VALKYRIE Polymer Resin for the ultimate hard wearing finish.

Platform Features

  • Angled or Straight Frames Available
  • Choose from Black, Red and Custom Coatings
  • Includes Aussie Strength Precision Flooring
  • Solid Mahogany or Laminated Timber Platforms Available
  • Custom Decals and Printing Available Seperately

VALKYRIE Custom Platforms are available in a range of sizes to suit all gyms and lifting applications. They're custom built to house Aussie Strength flooring tiles and timber platforms. They fit with precision and eliminate every gap in the flooring, providing a safer, more snug fit than ever. And as a long-time supplier to Australian Defence, we've fitted solid mahogany platform inserts and applied custom decals to hundreds of platforms in the country's most demanding training environments - so you know your gym will be completed with a military-grade platform solution.

Custom Colours and Framing Options

Because VALKYRIE Platforms are modular, we're able to provide many different solutions for your gym - whether that's a full sized competition platform or a smaller deadlift platform. Each system is available in open or closed frame for use with a power cage, and comes in square or angled steel framing to give the choice between traditional or ultra-modern appearances and features.

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