Valkyrie Hybrid Barbell 15kg

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Introducing the Aussie Strength Hybrid Barbell.

What do you get when you take our premium Valkyrie barbells and engineer them specifically for Olympic weight lifting exercises? The only range of bars in Australia with a lifetime warranty for Cross Training - that's what. Featuring the latest in patented barbell technology, the Aussie Strength Hybrid Olympic Lifting barbell range is also the only Hybrid bars with dual IWF and IPF knurling and no centre knurling marks.


  • Chromium-Molybdenum Steel bar(216,000 psi, 1200lb rated)
  • Steel Sleeves
  • Black Oxide Shaft, Chrome Sleeves
  • Multi-interlocking Patented Bushing Design

IWF Compliant Specifications

  • Length 201cm
  • 15kg weight
  • 25mm bar diameter
  • 50mm sleeve diameter
  • 131cm handle length
  • 32cm sleeve length
  • 3cm inner collar width
  • Dual IWF/IPF knurling
  • No centre knurling marks.

Oxidation Rate Info

A barbells resistance to oxidation depends mainly on two things, the type of steel it's made from, and the type of coating. On the left hand lower end of the spectrum will require more barbell care & maintenance to prevent oxidation and preserve appearance than bars on the right hand side of the spectrum.



VALKYRIE Barbell Range

The Ultimate High Precision Barbell

VALKYRIE Barbell Range

Get The Right Barbell For Your Sport

The complete range of Valkyrie Barbells caters to every sport and fitness requirement. And with no-compromise construction at wholesale prices, you can fit your gym with Valkyrie bars to get the best quality barbells in Australia at every station in your Gym.

Valkyrie Olympic Barbell Specifications

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