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Valkyrie Fitness | Rigs for Crossfit™ & Power Cages

The Ultimate Training System

The ultimate Strength and Conditioning system is here. Made from the toughest, thickest steel of any rig system, the infinitely customizable Valkyrie Rig is the benchmark for training rigs worldwide. Found in CrossFit® gyms, Military Facilities and global franchises like World Gym, you're about to be training on the best system money can buy.

No limits on size or configuration

No Compromise

There's no rig like this one.

Unmatched Quality

Incredible Attachments

When we designed our rig attachments, we had one goal in mind - to provide the highest quality components possible. No corners cut, and no shortcuts taken. From our Elite J-Hooks to our Monolift, we guarantee these are going to hold anything you can throw at them.

Precision Built

Ultra High Precision CNC cutting means no sharp edges, and no misfitting components. Our OptiGrip™ Coating goes right through the cuts, so you're protected long term against weather and sun.

And that's not all. The tolerances on our builds are so tight, you'll never experience the frustration of a rattling J-Hook, Spotting Arm or Dip Bar again.

A rig is a serious investment.

Valkyrie comes with a lifetime structural warranty.

Unlimited Possibilities.

The VALKYRIE Rig system allows unlimited customization options.

Start with your brand, and make VALKYRIE yours with a custom colour layout. Available in Black, White, Silver, Blue, Red and Yellow with interchangeable parts for a truly custom brand impact. Whether you're building a rig for Crossfit™ or a power cage for an old school gym, your rig will stand out like no other.

VALKYRIE Rig for UFC - Training for CrossFit

We've got the outdoors covered.

When you buy VALKYRIE in Black or Red finish, you don't just get a stunning look. Our unique OptiGrip PolyResin Powdercoat provides ultraviolet protection to protect your investment against chips and fading. Our coating covers the whole system, too - providing best in class rust protection.

You can find VALKYRIE outdoor rigs in Crunch Gym locations around the country, as well as high end facilities such as UFC Gym Sydney.

Black VALKYRIE Rig - Basic

High Tech Construction

VALKYRIE rigs are built with the most advanced manufacturing technology available. There's no room for error here - every component is crafted perfectly with Computer Assisted Design (CAD) and then cut with Computer Numerical Control to achieve zero-tolerance perfection in component construction. The pieces are brought together with Robotic Welding, too - which means that every single weld is perfect.

Our construction process leaves no margin for error.

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