The Ultimate Custom Dumbbell System.

Unmatched performance designed to meet the demands of Australia's top Strength and Conditioning facilities

Ultra Low Tolerance Manufacturing
Precision Diamond Knurling Pattern
Customize With Your Gym's Branding
Tough Hardened Chrome Finish
Premium Quality at an Accessible Price Point
Premium Service & Warranty Options


Valkyrie Elite Pushes Dumbbells To New Limits

We've had hundreds of our top clients, franchises and athletes all ask us to make a full steel dumbbell with a huge variety of customizations.

That’s why we created VALKYRIE Elite Dumbbells.

And we didn't just follow the leader, either. VALKYRIE Elite Dumbbells are built on the foundation of our dominating presence in the barbell industry in Australia, incorporating the technology from our best bars into a reimagined rotating barbell system.

Our unique bushing and bearing technology has changed the game and brought industry leading barbell technology to every gym, with prices & quality that are unmatched - and now, the VALKYRIE Elite Dumbbell is here to redefine the industry all over again.

Transform Your Training with Elite Dumbbell

Creating successful Gyms is what we're all about, and that starts and ends with your members.

That's why we built VALKYRIE Elite in a striking combination of form and function that will keep your gym in focus so your crew can spread the word.

Transforming your gym with a VALKYRIE Elite Dumbbell Set won't just save you the pain of upgrading your cheap, inferior dumbbells down the track - it's the upgrade that will have your members telling everyone they know where to find the best gear in town.


Dumbbells Built For Peak Performance

We've amassed a decade of feedback, research and development and used it to inform our design of Australia's best Professional Dumbbell.

We start by integrating a diamond-knurled handgrip into our premium steel dumbbell superstructure, finishing it in a premium Hardened Chrome coating before customizing it with your Gym's branding.

You asked for the toughest, smoothest, totally customizable dumbbell - and VALKYRIE Elite Dumbbell delivers in spades.

Customize Every Detail Of Your Elite Dumbbell Set

Your gym depends on reputation - and delivering the best tools to your members isn't always enough. Separate your facility from the crowd by customizing the focal point of your gym with your brand, visual aesthetic and choice of hand grip attachment to leave your members

With three increments, two finishes, two handle attachment methods, three diameters and infinite possibilities for logo design,  there are over 16 different configurations to choose from and hundreds of different dumbbells in the VALKYRIE Elite range.

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3D Visualisation & Custom Branding

We revolutionized the custom Dumbbell scene with our rapid laser-cut production process, bringing affordable custom dumbbells to the Australian scene for the first time.

And we've just changed the game again - our unique manufacturing process blends rapid production with supreme quality to achieve totally customized dumbbells to Australian Gyms with fast turnaround times and accessible prices.

Step 1

Set Your Weight Range

Start from the base 10kg - 30kg set and build from there. Most gyms build with two base sets, adding further weight brackets as they go.

  • 10kg - 30kg
  • 10kg - 40kg
  • 10kg - 50kg
  • 10kg - 60kg
  • 10kg - 70kg
  • Double-Ups to 30kg

Step 2

Select A Grip

Choose from the Standard Grips or up the ante with 40mm Fat Grips for your Dumbbell Handles.

  • Standard Grip
  • Fat Grip

Step 3

Pick Your Colours

VALKYRIE Elite Dumbbell is available in Black Steel or Hardened Chrome. Both finishes are ultra hard-wearing and feature a stunning premium look.

  • Hardened Chrome Head
  • Black Steel Head
  • Hardened Chrome Shaft
  • Black Steel Shaft

Step 4

Design Your Logo Plate

Strengthen your brand by uploading a Custom PDF Logo for your End Plate or stick with Aussie Strength or Valkyrie branding - the choice is yours.

  • Your Logo
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