VALKYRIE BioMX Handles - Pair


Valkyrie BioMX Series Functional Attachment System

The Valkyrie Bio-Mx Handles put your wrist and hand into a biomechanically superior position allowing far less grip fatigue than any conventional handle system. In addition they enable superior output during exercises meaning the muscles you are trying to target will fatigue first rather than your grip strength.

  • Designed to lock your wrist in flexion to reduce grip fatigue
  • Increases output during exercises while still allowing the grip to be trained as opposed to using lifting straps
  • Allows you to switch between exercises much faster than using lifting straps
  • Advanced Manufacturing for High Precision Operation
  • Solid Steel Construction for Unmatched Strength

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BioMX: Designed For Biomechanical Superiority

Traditional cable machine attachments offer a circular grip that forces your wrist and fingers into extension making them the weak point in the chain. The outcome is less output from the muscles you are trying to train. Enter BioMX, designed to increase output in the exact muscle group you're training. BioMX attachments are designed to work on all cable machines allowing a nearly limitless amount of possible exercises to be performed.

Complete Attachment System for Any Gym

The BioMX series of attachements is perfect for use with VALKYRIE Strength Machines, but it will also work with any traditional cable machine that's using a standard carabiner attachment point. By attaching BioMX to your existing cable hardware, you're unlocking advanced performance at a fraction of the price of a refit.

Unleash Your Training Potential

Training Bumper Plates are perfect for honing your technique in Olympic Lifting and Power Lifting movements without breaking the bank. They're great for home gyms, and commercial gyms who need additional bumper plates for deadlift stations, racks and rigs across their facility.

Advanced Manufacturing for High Precision Operation

We're driven by a commitment to long-lasting and ultra durable strength gear built for world class functionality and stunning aesthetics, even in the harshest environments. Our diverse team is led by ex-military trainers, biomechanics experts and mechanical engineers. State of the art laser cutting technology, high precision robotic welding and ultra-tough poly-resin coatings come together at the peak of gym equipment design and development.

Solid Steel Construction for Unmatched Strength

The BioMX Series is built from solid carbon steel that's CNC Laser Cut and Robotically Welded to create each piece to exact tolerance. After the components are finished, they're coated with our advanced waterproof Polymer coating that retains finish and colour for longer than a standard powder coat or paint. Finally, each bolt, screw, bearing and bushing is sourced from preimum fixing suppliers to ensure a lifetime of service from your gear.

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