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Get the Best Home Gym Gear in Australia

Home Gym Equipment In Stock Now

We've been building commercial gyms for years - and now, you can take control of your own strength and fitness training with a home gym built from Australia's best commercial-grade gear


We've seen more orders in six weeks than we do in six months, and thanks to our huge Sydney warehouse and commitment to ensuring fast turnaround times for commercial gym fitouts and home gym setups alike, we've been able to ship more home gym equipment to Australians than ever before.

But even with our unmatched ability to deliver, hundreds of customers have missed out on the gear they need. That's why we're getting on with the job of building more gear for those who missed out on getting equipment during those first vital hours. We're working to fill the shelves again as fast as possible, and we're taking pre-orders to make sure you can get the gear you need as it rolls off the production line. We're expediting everything, and we've been able to continue to offer the best prices around on Australia's best fitness equipment despite the economic impact of COVID-19.

Don't wait around while these strictly limited deals sell out. Get your order in now to secure your home gym equipment while you still can.

Top Selling Home Gym Gear

Home Gym + Pro Grade Olympic Lifting



Squat Racks

Rubber Hex + Custom Polyurethane


Ultra-Safe EVA FOAM

Plyo Boxes

The Ultimate All-In One Training Tool


Primal Strength Workouts




The Ultimate Cardio Machine BY VALKYRIE


Home Gym Flooring

1M X 1M X 15MM
Flat Tile
1m x 1m x 15mm
Horse Stall Flooring
100CM X 50CM X 5CM
flat tile
50Cm x 50Cm x 5cm
Acoustic Tile

Squat Racks

  1. UPC - Ultimate Power Cage
  2. HD Squat Stand - Pair
  3. HD Half Rack Mk II
    Ships Early September

Bar & Plate Packs

  1. BLK HD2 Bar and Plate Pack

    From $1,449.00

    To $1,699.00

  2. HD2 Bar and Plate Pack

    From $1,449.00

    To $1,699.00

  3. HP2 Bar and Plate Pack

    From $1,799.00

    To $2,049.00

  4. BHP2 Bar and Plate Pack

    From $1,549.00

    To $1,799.00

  5. GX-B Plate Pack
    Out of stock
  6. GX Plate Pack
  7. GX-B Bar and Plate Pack

    From $1,249.00

    To $1,299.00

    Out of stock
  8. GX Bar and Plate Pack

    From $1,299.00

    To $1,349.00

Bodyweight Training

  1. Weight Vest - 10kg
    Out of stock
  2. Aussie Strength Calf Block
  3. Ab Wheel - Double (Pair)
  4. Weight Vest - 16kg Short
  5. Weight Vest - 30kg Adjustable
  6. Chin Up Bar - 1 x Extension

Home Gym Weights

  1. PRO2 Kettlebell 28kg
  2. PRO2 Kettlebell 22kg
  3. PRO2 Kettlebell 18kg
  4. PRO2 Kettlebell 10kg

Rehab & Warm-Up Gear

Must-Have Accessories


  1. PRO2 Kettlebell 32kg
  2. PRO2 Kettlebell 28kg
  3. PRO2 Kettlebell 24kg
  4. PRO2 Kettlebell 22kg
  5. PRO2 Kettlebell 20kg
  6. PRO2 Kettlebell 16kg
  7. PRO2 Kettlebell 18kg
  8. PRO2 Kettlebell 14kg
  9. PRO2 Kettlebell 12kg
  10. PRO2 Kettlebell 10kg
  11. PRO2 Kettlebell 8kg

Commercial Gear

Advanced Gym Flooring Solutions

Flooring solutions with unlimited possibilities. Featuring interlocking panels and multi-level layouts.

The Ultimate in Functional Strength

The original Functional Strength brand. Aussie Strength spawned a generation of functional training in Australia by starting, and staying, miles ahead of the imitations.

Contemporary Cardio & Fitness Gear

A complete range of heavy duty and commercial weight machines as well as a complete line-up of space age cardio gear and next-level functional accessories.

The Strongest Racks on Earth

Extreme strength meets unparalleled versatility. The centrepiece of our advanced FTZ layouts, the Valkyrie Rig is the ultimate training solution.