Olympic Weight Plates with Custom Logos and Storage

High Quality Olympic Weight Plates and Bumper Plates that are Built to Last and Outperform Other Brands in Australia

The range of Professional Bumper Plates and Olympic Weight Plates designed and built by Aussie Strength leave other brands behind on every metric. Each plate features best-in-class bounce control and expertly engineered rubber that's continuously scientifically evaluated to ensure optimal performance in the Gym and in Competition.

Completely custom-built Olympic Weight Plates for Australian Gyms mean a continuation of branding across franchise networks and locations that isn't dependant in huge minimum orders or proghibitive set-up fees - and with over ten years experience designing weight plates for Australia's biggest gym chains, you know you're in safe hands with designers who ensure your custom weight plates are on-brand and designed with attention to detail that's second to none.

Olympic Weight Plates & Storage Racks

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  1. 1.25kg Olympic Weight Plate
  2. Olympic Weight Tree
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  3. 2.5kg Olympic Weight Plate
  4. 5kg Olympic Weight Plate
  5. 15kg Olympic Weight Plate
  6. 20kg Olympic Weight Plate
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7 Items

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