Ultimate SPX Garage Gym

  • SPX2 Rack

  • High Strength in a Compact Cage

  • Small Footprint with Full Functionality

  • J-Hooks and Spotting Arms

  • Two Chin-Up Bars

  • Internal Bracing for Added Strength

  • Matte Black Powder Coat

  • W 1250mm x D 1220mm x H 2330mm

  • Weighs 150KG and holds 600KG

  • Bumper Plate Package

  • HD2 Bumper Package - 150kg

  • 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg and 25kg Matched Bumper Plates

  • Premium VALKYRIE 20kg Hybrid Barbell

  • Includes free Spring Collars

  • FID Incline + Decline Bench

  • Stepped Incline, Flat & Decline adjustments

  • Solid Steel Construction

  • Built for Commercial Gyms

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Get back in control of your life. Save time, train harder and enjoy the privacy of a home gym setup.

Thousands of Australians have taken back wasted hours sitting in traffic or waiting in line for equipment at their local gym and eliminated the excuses that were stopping them from achieving their true potential with an Aussie Strength Home Gym Package.

Valkyrie VSPX2 Half Cage RRP $3499

Serious strength and Total customisability
Introducing our Superior Rack Systems.

You've probably got your doubts about Home Gym Equipment. Maybe you've seen the cheap, unstable racks available in major sports stores. Or the rusty remains of a rack on the side of the road.

Everything you think you know about Home Gym Equipment? It's probably right.

And that's why we stamp proven, pro-grade racks with the VALKYRIE and AUSSIE STRENGTH badges. VSPX is weather resistant, supremely stable and powering the conditioning programs of Military bases, elite training facilities and Australia's most influential private gym owners. Our other Squat Racks for home gyms? They're tailored for commercial and home use, and provide a better training experience than any competing rack - at a better price point.

Finally, you can take your training to the next level with VALKYRIE SPX and Aussie Strength Racks, now available in select Aussie Strength Home Gym configurations.

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Train with Confidence with Australia's Best Bumper Plate System

We've seen a lot of gym setups. And we've trained on a lot of shot, overpriced plates before. This is one of those age-old adages come to life - buy cheap, buy twice.

These are Australia's most trusted bumper plates. As used by heavyweights like Australian Defence and World Gym Australia, you're in good company when you invest in a set of Aussie Strength Bumpers.

Finally, you can crush your goals into a fine powder with our range of superior Home Gym Equipment.

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Why More People Than Ever Are Choosing AUSSIE STRENGTH

When you’re starting to build a Gym in Australia, you’re going to need to purchase a huge range of equipment.

But the problem you’ll get with our fitness industry?

Most equipment is sold by corporations looking to maximise profit margins by sacrificing their quality to benefit shareholders.

They aren’t family owned businesses run by real military veterans and CrossFit coaches who have dedicated their lives to building the best quality gym equipment available in Australia.

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