• Made by VALKYRIE
  • Super Strong Steel Construction
  • Classic, Old-School Design
  • Smooth Action for Awesome Pumps
  • Compatible with Olympic Weight Plates
  • Attach ANY Cable Machine Handle
  • Dimensions - 150cm x 100cm x 45cm

$ 1,499

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About Valkyrie T Bar Row

The Valkyrie T Bar Row is a great exercise for The back and lats. It's an often neglected but extremely necessary exercise for any athlete. You can add Olympic weight plates to increase the resistance. From there we have added a few extra awesome additions - the added link at the front allows for traditional cable attachments to be used instead of the standard handle. This means you can use ANY cable attachment you choose or have in your gym that will attach to our lat pull down. Double Torso Trainer holes have been added at the base of the T bar, so now you can also add in torso trainer sleeves for further training modalities.

T Bar Row - Valkyrie Fitness