TRX - Pro Kit

TRX - Pro Kit

  • Turn your training business into a powerhouse with the TRX PRO Suspension Training Kit.
  • This Kit features the strongest, most durable Suspension Trainer we’ve ever built, a trainer-specific instructional video and workout cards to grow your business and get results for your clients.


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Read What TRXers Are Saying

“The TRX rocks. This product can be used with any population. The seniors in my classes just love it. - Irene McCormick MS/CSCS

“On the road, I use the TRX Suspension Trainer. You can use it anywhere, strap it to a pole or behind the door. - Drew Brees, MVP Quarterback New Orleans Saints

“What piece of gym equipment gives you the best workout? I like the TRX System. - Bob Harper, Women’s Health