Prowler Sled Mk2

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Shop Australia's Best Strongman Gear at Aussie Strength.

The Original Prowler Weight Sled

Aussie Strength have the best Prowler Sled for sale in Australia.

  • Reinforced Frame
  • Removable Poles
  • T-Bar Attachment Included
  • The ultimate workout


  • 90cm total width
  • 106cm total height
  • 106cm total length
  • 16cm height without T bar, weight holder or pushing poles
  • 47cm height with weight holder
  • 50cm height with T bar attachment
  • 106cm height with pushing poles
  • 59cm width between pushing poles

The Original Prowler Sled.

This is it. The most time proven design for insane training and serious results. Including a harness, this gives you everything you need to start training for explosive power and total body strength - just add weight.


Built Tougher

Our Prowler is made from thick, strong, welded and powder coated square hollow steel. You can load this with as much weight as you can move - and it will keep coming back for more. The simple, reinforced design is built to last, with no compromise on manufacturing quality at any stage of the process.

Insane Workouts.

Destroy your body with sled workouts. No matter how strong or fit you are, pushing fifty kilos across the yard and back enough times will have you melting bodyfat and increasing strength across your entire body in no time at all. There is simply no better piece of equipment for training stability, core strength and explosive power.

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