We're at a turning point in the fitness game. Strength & Conditioning has become more than just an abstract sub genre of the industry - it's now recognized among professional athletes, elite soldiers and the academic world as the single greatest way to improve your body in a safe and holistic way.

When Aussie Strength started, we came to the market with the precursors to one of the biggest movements the fitness industry has ever seen. Now, training with Kettlebells, Dead Balls, Plyo Boxes and Strongman Gear has emerged from the shadows and taken the front line in health and fitness.

Start training STRONGER™ today with Aussie Strength.

Strength training applies to everybody. It benefits everybody. It's used by physiotherapists to rehabilitate injuries and personal trainers to help every day people reach peak physical condition.

Top Picks for Functional

Minimalist tools for triggering rapid physical development in everyday Australians. You don't need complicated weight machines and hundreds of preset cardio courses to get fit - and Functional Training helps avoid the risk of muscular imbalances that stereotypical gym training can lead to.

There's an entire community of athletes out here, and you're invited.
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Squat Racks

Squat Racks are a near complete training system providing not only superior strength in the rack positions, but huge weight capacity for storage and spotting arms. With the perfect footprint, you can perform pull up exercises on the multi grip bar with perfect stability on all Aussie Strength SPX Racks.

The Valkyrie SPX Rack features Unmatched Strength - made from the same PolyResin coated steel seen in the Valkyrie Rig System, it's designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Available in a wide gamut of colours, the Black and Red PolyResin coatings give you Ultraviolet Protection to make this rack your best line of defence against the perfect storm for corrosion that is your Outdoor Gym.


Bar & Bumper Packs

The best Bar & Bumper packs in Australia, all manufactured by Aussie Strength to compete directly with other industry leading brands on quality.

Valkyrie IPF/IWF Spec Barbells

Our Valkyrie Olympic Knurling conforms to IWF standards, and features a grip that is enough to ensure a strong hold, but will carry you comfortably through long workouts. We've included a center knurling to maintain the tradition of Olympic Lifting Barbells - but it's a light grade, to avoid discomfort whilst performing cleans or back squats.

Our patented dual snap ring needle bearing system gives you a feel that's halfway between Eleiko and Uesaka - our unique take on the very same style used in Olympic and Weightlifting world championships.

Genuine LOCK-JAW Collars