Weight Vest - 30kg Adjustable

The Aussie Strength Adjustable Weight Vest can be used in addition to many exercises such as chin ups, push-ups, squats, lunges, kettlebell workouts or almost anything you can think of. Wear the weight vest whilst training at the gym, active in sport, running or simply going for a walk and you’ll not only improve your strength and conditioning gains but also tone up and lose fat whilst burning extra calories. Weights can be removed or added to suit your particular exercise.

12 month warranty

Tactical vest does not come with the lb plates.

$ 199

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30kg model includes 30 x 1kg weight blocks • Adjustable weights for adding or removing weight blocks individually • Adjustable to suit different body shapes • Single heavy duty belt with Velcro for securing the vest to your body. No plastic clips that easily break during use.