We're building the next generation of SNAP FITNESS functional training facilities.

What we're building with Snap

Functional Training

We're innovating SNAP FITNESS franchises alongside major franchisees, and bringing new Functional Training concepts to clubs. With a range of Dead Balls, Ropes, Gymnastics and Calisthenics equipment to suit modern functional training styles, we're helping build new, highly relevant gyms across Australia.

Valkyrie Rig

There's nothing quite like a huge steel structure featuring multiple squat stations, chin-up bars and a huge range of custom gear to let new members know you're serious. Build your own unique VALKYRIE configuration to cement your gym as the leading Functional Training facility in the area.

Custom Gear

With new innovations in custom Dumbbells including Polyurethane coated premium dumbbell sets complete with SNAP FITNESS branding to cutting edge rotating dumbbells with CNC cut branding plates on each end. We've even got weight plates and bumpers locked down and approved by head office.

Laser Cut Dumbbells

With a premium Polyurethane coating and high precision knurled olympic grip handles, our custom SNAP FITNESS dumbbells will help your members get bigger and stronger while keeping your brand front of mind. 


Custom Snap Weight Plates

With a unique profile and safe, comfortable three way grip, our premium Polyurethane weight plates will keep your gear in top condition while providing a precise lifting experience across your plate loaded equipment range.

Weight Plates

The Polyurethane Advantage

The incredibly versatile applications of Polyurethane across the AUSSIE STRENGTH range are there to ensure your equipment looks fresher, performs better and lasts longer.

A polyurethane coating creates an impermeable seal between the environment and your weight plates or dumbbells. With superior durability and it's high-performance nature, it's the obvious choice for gym equipment.

Explore our projects

Valkyrie at Dural

We're installing custom VALKYRIE rigs in SNAP FITNESS franchises around Australia. We had a lot of space to work with here - so we kitted out this rig with weight lifting platforms, functional, color coded astro turf and a bunch of other custom VALKYRIE gear.

Valkyrie Rig

Custom Gear

We've designed everything from Hex Dumbbells to Weight Plates specifically for Snap Fitness.

Custom Dumbbells

Valkyrie Platforms

They're the most innovative platforms in Australia, and when you pair them with the ultimate VALKYRIE rack, our platforms become a training powerhouse. Take a look at our installations here.

Valkyrie Platform