VALKYRIE Sissy Squat / Nordic Curl Combo

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Valkyrie Strength - Key Features

Valkyrie Strength Machines are built using state of the art laser cutting technology, high precision robotic welding and ultra-tough poly-resin coatings to deliver hard-core strength and conditioning performance to modern athletes.

Every machine is built using high grade steel hollow section with a nominal 4mm thickness and most joints are fully welded for unrelenting durability.

Invest in Valkyrie Strength to offer the most advanced training options to your members.

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    Finance Available

    Build your commercial gym now with in-house finance deals at a great rate.

    Custom Built

    Customize your Frame and Upholstery colour to match your gym.

    Advanced Design

    Valkyrie Strength Machines are built to last with solid, fully welded frames.

    Delivered Built
    Most pieces are delivered built with only minimal assembly required.
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    Commercial Strength Equipment

    State of the art laser cutting technology, high precision robotic welding and ultra-tough poly-resin coatings come together at the peak of gym equipment design and development.

    Our diverse team is led by ex-military trainers, physiology experts and mechanical engineers. We're driven by a commitment to long-lasting and ultra durable strength gear built for world class functionality and stunning aesthetics, even in the harshest environments.

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    Next Generation Gym Equipment.

    We work with athletes, military trainers, mechanical engineers and gym owners to perfect our machines, racks and rigs. The results speak for themselves - a strength system that addresses huge gaps in the market while nailing the essentials.

    Steel Fabrication

    SHS Tube
    Carbon Steel 75mm Section, 3-4mm Thickness
    Sheet Metal
    Carbon Steel Sheet, 4-12mm Thickness
    Weld Process
    Robotic MIG/TIG, Fully Welded Structural Joints


    Tough Cured Coating
    Paint is Cured Polymer Resin technology for superior chip resistance. Some components coated with Powder Coat process for additional grip adhesion. Uncoated components are zinc-coated or made from stainless steel where required. All coatings can be customised.


    Durable Urethane Upholstery
    All upholstery is made from premium polyurethane and filled with high density polyurethane foam. Feel is medium-firm with superior durability and shape retention. Upholstery is easily sanitized and the primary colour and stitching colour can be customised.

    Complete Range of Gear.

    Our huge range of strength and conditioning equipment is built from the ground up to perform in commercial environments.

    From benches to rigs, leg press to preacher curl, the Valkyrie Strength lineup features everything a modern gym needs.

    And with unique pieces that are purpose built to address gaps in strength training that have until recently gone untouched, the Valkyrie Strength lineup is the only truly complete Strength Equipment range.


    Lower Body Machines

    1. VALKYRIE Step Up - Pin Loaded
      VALKYRIE Step Up - Pin Loaded
      Out of stock
    2. VALKYRIE Adjustable Glute Bridge
      VALKYRIE Adjustable Glute Bridge
      Out of stock
    3. VALKYRIE Gulte Bridge - Plate Loaded
      VALKYRIE Gulte Bridge - Plate Loaded
      Out of stock
    4. VALKYRIE Hip Press
      VALKYRIE Hip Press
      Out of stock

    Upper Body Machines & Benches

    1. VALKYRIE 8 Station Combo
      VALKYRIE 8 Station Combo
      Out of stock
    2. VALKYRIE Bilateral Lat Pull Down
      VALKYRIE Bilateral Lat Pull Down
      Out of stock

    Upper Body Machines & Benches

    Advanced Manufacturing Technology

    Order the toughest Half Cage in Australia, built for Commercial Gyms and Premium Home Gyms.


    Share J-Hooks,  Spotting Arms, Dip Bar, Monolift, Utility Peg, Multi Grip Chin Bar, Jammer Arms and Storage between your Valkyrie Racks, Rigs and Machines.


    Valkyrie Strength machines are designed by Structural Engineers and tested with the same advanced simulation methods used to design bridges and high-rises.


    We use only high precision shielded lasers to cut Valkyrie components to ensure that the rough edges and poor tolerances of inferior racks don't make it onto our shelves.


    With the most common finishes stocked in Sydney and a myriad of colors and finishes available in our Custom Shop, you can truly make your gym your own.




    Valkyrie Machines, Racks and Rigs are precision cut and laser welded for the ultimate in structural-grade strength.

    Our engineering team do not simply sketch up designs and send them to the workshop.

    They meticulously design each machine in professional engineering software, using advanced algorithms to test for weakness and ensure that every unnecessary joins and welds is eliminated to ensure the strength that only a near-monolithic steel structure can deliver.

    When the designs clear simulation testing, the precision laser cutting process reduces dimension tolerance to just fractions of a millimetre – and with a robotic welding process that leaves no margin for human error, each piece of Valkyrie Strength equipment is consistently built for a lifetime of service in your gym.

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    The most advanced coatings in the gym industry make chipped paint a thing of the past.

    Our standard OptiGrip Core coatings already deliver industry leading polymer protection for your Strength Machines that will not chip or scratch easily. It’s achieved by using advanced polymer based coatings that bond directly to the steel frame, forming a soft-touch finish that responds to impact by absorbing a high level of shock and abrasion before chipping – the kind of impact that powder coating doesn’t stand a chance against.

    We’ve successfully integrated ultraviolet protection into our most popular colours so that sunlight won’t cause excessive fading, too. And because the finish is polymer-based, it’s far easier to clean than powder coated surfaces.

    It's the type of quality you just can't get with traditional powder coating, and when you're investing in premium strength equipment, you shouldn't settle for less.

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    No-Compromise Versatility

    Valkyrie Strength Shares
    Attachments Seamlessly.

    Designed by Structural Engineers with a Complete System of Attachments and Platforms

    Valkyrie Strength is designed from the ground up to support growing gyms with varied and versatile training requirements. Supporting multiple exercises and capabilities within each piece of equipment ensures that each gym who invests in the system gains more than the sum of its parts with a multi-purpose piece of machinery contained within each Valkyrie Strength station.

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    Valkyrie Cable System

    Configure a cable section that suits your space.

    The all-new Valkyrie Cable Elite system is a modular pin-loaded cable stack that allows for single, dual or even quad layouts. Because Valkyrie Cable Elite is totally modular, you can arrange your layout lineally to span multiple full-size cable crossover sections, or in a square layout for four independent stations with facing crossovers.

    You can just grab one stack, too. Anything is possible.

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