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    The Aussie Strength tactical sandbag can handle almost any imaginable exercise and is perfect for boot camps, personal trainers, outdoor exercise, Crossfit and more. You’ll be using every muscle in your body trying to tame the instability and awkwardness of the Tactical sandbag.

    Sizes and weights:

    • Small – 50cm x 36cm x 22cm – Holds up to 12kg
    • Medium – 65cm x 36cm x 24cm – Holds up to 20-25kg

    *Note the amount of sand or lead shot you fill the sandbag with will determine the overall weight.

    You’ll be carrying it, squatting with it, throwing it, pressing it and swearing at it. All the while comfortable with the knowledge that the Tactical sandbag has been designed to be tough enough to take a pounding and last a lifetime.


    Made from heavy duty canvas • Three handles on top of the bag • Two handles at either end of the bag • Zip and Velcro closure • Includes one inner bag • The inner bags can be filled with sand, then placed inside the canvas tactical sandbag • The inner bag is lined and has a Velcro closure • Inner bag – 64cm x 14cm diameter • Tactical sandbags come empty and ready to be filled with sand.

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