Rubber Gym Flooring - Premium Fire Rated Rubber - Black - 15mm x 1m x 1m Tile


High Quality Commercial Gym Flooring Tiles

Premium Fire and Emission Rated Tiles are the Only Solution Suitable for Commercial Gyms Without Sprinkler Systems. Secure Your Gym's Safety with the ARMADILLO Premium Range

Selecting a Gym Flooring system is one of the most important aspects of building your gym. Choosing the correct flooring system doesn’t just make your gym safer - it adds value by ensuring a long-lasting foundation for your equipment that protects the floor, your gear and your members.

Aussie Strength only sells genuine Armadillo™ Flooring products. These quality Rubber Gym Tiles deliver superior construction quality, value and performance while maintaining a 100% recycled rubber construction and accessible price point.

With dozens of options for Rubber Gym Flooring on the market it’s one of the toughest choices you’ll make when you’re building a commercial gym. It’s also one of the biggest investments you’ll make - so it’s worth putting in the time and getting it right the first time. Armadillo™ Flooring products deliver superior construction quality, value and performance while maintaining a 100% recycled rubber construction and accessible price point.

Our Rubber Gym Flooring is a professional grade product. If you require a large quantity for a commercial gym, please contact our friendly sales team for a quote.

  • Protect your Equipment with 15mm Commercial Gym Flooring
  • Precise Dimensions for Easy Installation
  • High-Grade Recycled Rubber Construction
  • Range of Colours Available
  • Fire Rated: Australian Standard Compliant ISO 9239.1: 2010

Rubber Flooring Specifications

  • 100cm x 100cm
  • 15mm Thickness
  • Available in Black, Red, Blue and Grey EPDM Fleck
  • Waterproof Surface Protects Your Floor
  • Non-Slip For Safer Training
  • Non-Toxic Rubber & Adhesive
  • Quality Adhesives Low to Zero Odour
  • 100% Recycled Materials
  • Exceeds All ISO 9239:2010 Fire & Smoke Emission Standards

Vulcanized Rubber

Our advanced vulcanization process results in tightly bound non-toxic Gym Flooring that’s built to last.


Fire Rated Options

Armadillo Flooring features CRF ratings that exceed the competition by up to 18% for advanced protection in an emergency.



Armadillo Flooring Tiles use only premium binders and finishes to ensure a long-lasting non slip finish after installation.


Precision Laser Cut

Each Armadillo Gym Flooring tile is laser cut to ensure uniform sizing for effortless installation and safe use.


Recycled Materials

By using Armadillo Flooring for your gym fitout, you’ll save over six hundred used tires from landfill.


Global FCL Delivery

We ship full container loads of Armadillo Gym Flooring internationally from our Sydney warehouse.

Protect your Equipment, Gym and Members with Premium Fire Rated Rubber 15mm Commercial Gym Flooring.

Installing high-quality Rubber Gym Mats in your Commercial Gym is an absolute necessity. Even if you're just training at home, it's cruial to protect your floor and equipment alike by using quality 15mm Rubber Gym Flooring Tiles. By offering maximum fire protection, high shock absorption and a high grip surface to minimise the risk of slips and falls, Rubber Gym Mats protect your gear, your floor, your structure and your body!

Fire Rating Meets and Exceeds Australian Code and ISO 9239:2010

Our Rubber Gym Flooring Tiles have been thoroughly tested by an Australian laboratory to ensure they meet local safety standards. Our standard 15mm Rubber Gym Flooring tiles go above and beyond the ISO 9239:2010 CRF/CHF standard, as well as the elusive Smoke Emission standards that many other Rubber Gym Flooring Tiles fall short of. Our testing certificate is available free of charge with all commercial orders.

Precise Dimensions for Easy Installation

Our Rubber Gym Mats for Commercial Gyms are cut only after they're set in a mould, ensuringthe dimensions are consistent and making your Rubber Gym Flooring easier to install than ever. Additionally, our Rubber Gym Mats are 15mm thick, which provides outstanding shock absorption. At almost twice the thickness of other popular Gym Flooring Tiles, our Gym Mats provide outstanding value for money!

High-Grade Recycled Rubber Construction

Our commercial Gym Flooring is made from superior rubber and adhesive materials to ensure a quality product that will stand the test of time in your Gym. It's waterproof, non-slip, non-toxic and odour free! Additionally, our high quality Rubber Gym Mats are built from 100% Recycled Rubber, keeping valuable materials from landfill and helping ensure your Gym Flooring is built from quality rubber extracted from primary sources without causing unneccesary pollution.

Range of Colours Available

Our range of 15mm Rubber Gym Flooring Tiles is designed for commercial gyms and comes in a wide range of colours to suit your facility. We use Red, Blue and Grey flecks through throughout the black rubber in our commercial-grade Gym Flooring Tiles to enhance your flooring and solidify your brand throughout the gym.

Installation & Maintenance

Because our Rubber Gym Mats are accurately cut and finished, they can be laid in a grid or brick pattern. Brick patterns are the go-to method.

Begin by aligning each of the mats to the long edge of your room, ensuring they are tightly fit with no gaps between each tile. If you're laying in a brick pattern, kick the second row off by cutting a half width tile and lay full with tiles from there. No matter which Gym Flooring pattern you go with, make sure each mat is tightly fit against all the others by compressing it then tapping with a rubber mallet and straight edge as you go. Moving through this process will make sure your rubber gym tiles are snug and that they won't pop out of alignment when you least expect it.

Where necessary, you can cut your tiles with a standard Stanley knife. We recommend the serrated blades - bring a full packet, because you will go through a few throughout the day. Make sure to follow common-sense safety rules - always cut away from your body and be careful to control the blade at all times.

If your mats end in a place where they don't have a hard stop, like a wall or stair, then we'd recommend gluing the final row down to stop your gym flooring from wiggling loose over time. We'd also do this around astro-turf areas.

It's important to keep your mats clean so they retain their high quality finish and non-slip properties. To do this, make sure you vacuum the dust and dirt up as part of your regular cleaning schedule. If you need to remove any initial slippery residue or clean up any spills, use a standard dish-washing detergent in a warm mop solution to clean your rubber gym flooring. Make sure you use a mild solution so it doesn't leave suds or slippery residue, and don't use a cotton mop or a linty cloth as it will leave a mess behind. Make sure you don't use any corrosive cleaners - standard dish soap is the best. Waxy coatings will compromise the non-slip coating and corrosive, petroleum based or acidic cleaning solutions might dissolve the adhesive or degrade your tiles.

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