Speciality Barbell Pack and Storage Rack

9 of our famous speciality barbells, and vertical storage rack

This pack includes;

  • Vertical Barbell Rack 9 Holder
  • Olympic Bent Barbell - Chrome
  • Olympic Cambered Barbell - Black
  • Strongman Log
  • Olympic Swiss Barbell - Chrome
  • Olympic Safety Squat Barbell - Chrome
  • Olympic Safety Squat Barbell - Black
  • Olympic EZ Curl Barbell - Chrome
  • Olympic Hex Trap Barbell - Chrome
  • Olympic Fat Barbell - Chrome

*Limited changes can be made to this pack, barbells can be swapped like for like, please check with Aussie Strength to see what swaps can be made.

$ 2,199

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Speciality Barbell Pack by Aussie Strength

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