Valkyrie Rig - Free standing - 2 Cell with High Overpasses - Red

Introducing the Valkyrie Rig

Valkyrie Steel

  • Thickness - 4mm (8 Gauge)
  • Upright Size - 75mm x 75mm

Pick up a Valkyrie upright and you’ll know exactly what we mean when we say these are heavy. Stronger than structural steel, you could literally build your house out of them and have better cyclonic ratings than most structures in Australia.
Our Mono Lifts, Chin Bar Attachment Plates, J Hooks, Spotting Arms and Dip Bars all use 10mm steel plate. They are over engineered for a no-compromise solution.

OptiGrip PolyResin Coating

Three years of research, development and trials resulted in our signature OptiGrip PolyResin coating. Far exceeding the specifications of the powder coatings you've seen on other rigs, it resembles a hammer tone finish with micro air pockets - it doesn’t rip your hands during high repetition chin ups.
It holds chalk. It’s extremely difficult to damage. It’s UV resistant, so it can be used outdoors without being damaged by sunlight or corrosion.

Valkyrie Components

Valkyrie Uprights

Each Valkyrie Upright is a thick, super durable steel column. They are stronger than any other rig upright in production - not just in Australia, but around the world. Each 75mm upright is specifically designed with 4mm thick walls that hold three thousand kilograms when they are assembled into a cell. It's a weight rating that isn't contempt just leaving other rigs in the dust - it also outperforms market leaders in power cages, and even the structural steel used in cyclone-prone areas of North Queensland.
Each Valkyrie Upright has cleverly designed and positioned pin hole placements - allowing for multiple configurations without conflicting bolt layouts.

Chin bars can be positioned perpendicular to each other with only a slight offset, allowing for complete layout customisation. The bolt and pin holes are cut using CNC technology whilst other rigs are simply drilled. CNC Cut holes result in a near perfect cut, eliminating the sharp edges and burrs that can be seen on other rigs.

Uprights are available in multiple heights.

  • 3500mm
  • 3000mm
  • 2750mm
  • 2500mm

Chin Up Bars

Cell Width - 1080mm

  • Standard Grip - 34mm
  • Fat Grip - 49mm
  • Standard with Offset Attachment Plate - 34mm
  • Dual Height - 34mm

Cell Connections

  • Riangle Chin Bar - 1800mm x Dual 34mm
  • Single Chin Bar - 1800mm x 34mm
  • RHS - 75mm - Optional Length
  • 1800mm Square Tube
  • 1080mm Square Tube
  • 1080mm Shrimp Trawler
  • 610mm Square Tube
  • Dual Height - 34mm & 49mm


Dip Bar

The Valkyrie Dip Bar is engineered to provide the ultimate no-moving-parts dip experience. The OptiGrip PolyResin coating provides superior grip and chalk retain to ensure safety, with a tapered width to cater to different body sizes.
It only requires one pin, and it's zero tolerance design ensures supreme stability.

Spotting Arms

You'll never trust another spotting arm again. A pair of Valkyrie Spotting Arms will hold up to 1800kg at the point farthest from the rig.
We've heard people say that this simply isn't required - but when you factor in gravity's effect on a falling barbell, you wouldn't want to be underneath anything less.

Elite J Hook

Using the same precison cut steel as all of our other Valkyrie components, the Elite J Hook brings robotic welding to the spotlight. Take one look at the weld and you'll instantly know why these hooks justify their presence in our lineup.
With a perfect knit from top to bottom, there's no compromise made to these hooks - and when you've got clients safety on the line, it's easy to understand why. You won't find cheap tac

Shrimp Trawler Arm

Perfect for hanging boxing bags or climbing ropes, the Shrimp Trawler arm lives up to its namesake.
Giving you 1080mm of clearance from the edge of the rig, these thick steel tubes provide ample room for whatever is attached to the end of them, so that a full circle of engagement can be employed without costing you station space.

Flying Pull Up Bar

When you need to climb, look no further. Giving you four positions, the Flying Pull Up Bar will build explosive back strength like nothing else.
Perfect for extending the ends of a conditioning based rig, this attachment is coated with our signature OptiGrip PolyResin for incredible grip and durability - without tearing up your hands.welds on Valkyrie components - period.

Accessory Components

  • Utility Peg
  • Boxing Bag Shackle
  • Carabiner Shackle
  • Speed Ball Attachment

Olympic Platforms

The Valkyrie Olympic Platform is the first major innovation in platform design in decades. Using a modular, angled plate design, it minimises trip hazard and looks amazing doing it. The frame design contains our premium rubber flooring, including ultra dense Armadillo AngularImpact™ tiles that mitigate plate impact and ensure the best performance from your bumpers.
The Valkyrie Olympic Platform is completed with custom cut Bamboo strips, built by hand to ensure premium craftsmanship and longevity.

  • Frame - 3m x 2m
  • Rubber Thickness - 50mm
  • Bamboo Platform - 1000mm Width with Customizable Length

Custom Design

We've built hundreds of rigs - and unsurprisingly, it's very rare that two will ever be identical. There's a myriad of different configurations you can build and customize - and there's nobody more experienced than our rig architects to help you do it. When you buy a rig through Aussie Strength, we'll walk you through the whole process, and build you a complimentary three dimensional render before the final construction to make sure everything is perfect.
Colours can be extensively customized to match your branding. Take a look at our pre built rig catalogue to see some of the work we've done before, and see some common layouts for inspiration.

Valkyrie Six-Cell Wall Mount

Snap Fitness Rooftop - Valkyrie Rig

Built To Order
  • Versatile Training System
  • Customizable Cell Connectors
  • 3,000kg Weight Rating
  • OptiGrip PolyResin Coating
  • Computer Cut for Smooth, Safe Edges
  • UV Treated and Rust Resistant
  • Super Strong Steel
  • Range of Rig Attachments
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