Quantum 8 LED Gym Timer

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Quantum 8 is the top-selling LED Gym Timer with a huge range of functions. Use editable intervals, countdowns and stopwatch programs to create tight schedules for your gym to stay on-program and get the most out of your workouts.

  • Clock: HH:MM:SS format - 12/24H
  • Stopwatch: MM:SS:ss(1/10s)(1/100 s) format - from 00:00:00 up to 99:59:99
  • Count up: HH:MM:SS —from 00:00:00 up to 99:59:59
  • Count down: HH:MM:SS —fmm 99:59:59 down to 00:00:00
  • Interval timer - training/rest cycle
  • TABATA mode - 20s work, 10s rest, 8 rounds
  • FGB1 mode - 5min work, 1min rest, 5 rounds
  • FGB2 mode - 5min work. 1min rest, 3 rounds

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