VALKYRIE Prone Leg Curl - Plate Loaded

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Made to last for years of use

  • 2 exercises in 1 machine
  • Compact design
  • Well balanced
  • Isolates your hamstrings and quadriceps

2 exercises in 1 machine

Designed to facilitate good form during the hamstring curl motion, this machine is a classic must-have for any gym.

Compact design

It occupies minimum square footage which is good for home gyms and for users who have a limited reach.

Well balanced

Users can increasethe stability of this machine - they will just have to put a balancing right weight on the storage sleeve at the top end.

Isolates your hamstrings and quadriceps

What makes this machine different from other machines for lower body muscles is that it focus the users to develop the hamstrings efficiently and powerfully.

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