PRO2 Kettlebell 14kg

Order a PRO2 Package and save.

PRO2 Packages save you over 10% when you compare the price to ordering them individually. We make this possible with a combination of pre-packaging and bulk ordering, so we can't make changes to the packages or discount other kettlebells in the same way. Learn more


  • Made from Near Indestructible Steel
  • Comfortable & Ergonomic Handles
  • Centralized Mass for Superior Balance
  • Designed to crush the demands of Serious Gyms and Elite Athletes

PRO2 Kettlebells define quality

  • Industrial Grade Steel for Extended Durability
  • Color Coding for Easy Identification
  • Consistent Sizing Throughout Range
  • Lifetime Structural Warranty

Introducing the PRO2 Steel Kettlebell.

PRO2 is Everywhere. From the Australian Military to Elite Gyms to the everyday Australian's garage, we've put over 50,000 Kettlebells into the hands of people everywhere and counting.


The Aussie Strength Pro-Grade Kettlebell is the professional athlete’s choice for kettlebell lifting. Originally used in Russia by the Girevoy sport lifters, our Pro Grade Kettlebells have been designed to exact international standards for kettlebell lifting competitions. As more and more people become aware of the amazing training benefits of kettlebells, they are quickly becoming a part of every serious gym and home gym in Australia. Aussie Strength were the first company in Australia to introduce "Pro Grade" kettlebells in 2kg increments to their range.

Aussie Strength PRO2 Kettlebell handles are finished in clear steel, so you can either use them as they come or customize the grip as needed for your own style of training. Dimensions of all Aussie Strength PRO2 Kettlebells is the same throughout the entire range.

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