PRO Custom Dumbbell Set - 10kg to 40kg Pairs - 1kg Inc - 1550kg Total

PRO Polyurethane Dumbbell Set

  • Total Weight - 1550kg
  • Commercial Grade
  • Ultra Tough PU Material
  • Full length handle knurl
  • Oversized numbers for easy identification
  • Discreet branding
  • Matching Rack available

The Ultimate Dumbbell.

Our PRO Dumbbells have been purpose built for the stress of a commercial gym. They're made from forged super duty steel that's precision welded to the handle - meaning they'll never, ever come loose. The super tough Matte Urethane Coating won't get worn down by temperature extremes and it won't tear, break, or wear in a commercial gym.

Laser Cut Customisation

Customize your set of PRO Dumbbells with your gym's branding - now available without the prohibitive moulding costs. We use an industry leading laser cutting technology to ensure the best possible look for your PRO Dumbbells. Send a clear message with PRO Custom Dumbbells.

Knurled Steel Handles

The entire length of the handle is covered with an olympic barbell style knurl that grips well, even when you're absolutely punishing a workout. A straight handle design further enhances the grip, and the 34mm diameter is the the same as an olympic bar - providing perfect consistency between exercises.

Clear Weight Markings

Weight is clearly marked in large white lettering that makes identification easy and gives your gym a distinct look, rather than prioritizing our branding. A consistent design for our matching racks makes the PRO Dumbbell Set a great choice for your commercial gym.

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