The cornerstone of PRIME’s innovation is the patented SmartStrength® technology, a game changer in strength training equipment. Featured on both selectorized and plate loaded equipment, PRIME’s SmartStrength® technology puts the power in the hands of the user – offering the unique ability to move the peak resistance throughout the range of motion. This accommodation of the resistance curve allows a user to train in the lengthened, medial and shortened positions individually, ultimately yielding more muscle fiber recruitment from origin to insertion.

Available in a huge range of custom frame and upholstery colours.

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The best Strength Training in the world.

We believe that every Australian deserves to have a longer and happier life by staying fit and healthy through exercise. That’s why we’ve made it our mission is to deliver the highest quality Gym Equipment to everyone.

We’ve partnered with Prime Fitness USA because of their unwavering commitment to design, quality and manufacturing standards.

Add to that the huge range of custom colours frames and upholstery to truly make it yours, and to match your branding.

The evolution of Strength Training Equipment

You’re here because you know the difference between good, better and best. You’re sick of seeing cheap equipment jam packed into gyms,and want to stand out of the pack. You don’t cut corners in your training, so why would you cut corners on your equipment? Finally, you don’t have to put up with sub-standard equipment sold at excessive retail prices.

Here at Aussie Strength, our mission is to redefine the strength equipment industry by providing the most dominating products and the knowledge to go with it. We specialize in GYM DESIGN, working with our customers to create their gym, health club, fitness studio, or school weight room. We live our passion daily, and love to be a part of our customers dreams.

There’s just one simply step to getting access to our premium, commercial grade equipment – Simply fill in the form below with your name, email and phone number and one of our expert Gym Designers will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

1300 838 156

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You’ve already made the decision to buy the best equipment possible for your gym.

When you purchase Prime Fitness USA for your members they’ll know you’ve gone above and beyond by investing in the highest grade equipment possible, designed by the World’s best gyms and trainers like Charles Poliquin, Dana Linn Bailey, Ben Pakulski aka BPak, Mark Coles, and Greg Roskopf.

At Aussie Strength we’ve partnered with PRIME to bring the best gym equipment possible available to every Australian gym.

We’ve revolutionised the industry by prioritising quality and designing equipment to deliver the best training experience possible.

Finally, you can access equipment that’s world class, and better than what any competitor has to offer.

Evolution Series

Evolution features our newest SmartCam design – this more compact cam offers a smoother resistance transition, meaning the “pick-up” and “fall off” of the resistance curve is less dramatic when compared to the original cam design (as seen on the Hybrid and Legacy lines).

Hybrid series

Aptly named for the inclusion of popular features from both the Evolution and Legacy lines, the Hybrid line features the modern look of Evolution with the tried and true tubular frame of Legacy. Hybrid is utilizing the original SmartCam design, offering a more aggressive transition through the strength curve, ideal for strength centric facilities looking for maximum VRT results.


Featuring the SmartStrength 3-peg Torque Arm, PRIME’s Plate Loaded units offer versatility and adjustability unlike anything available on the market today in this product category. The Plate Loaded line features a robust tubular frame with a sleek visual appeal.


The Prodigy line of racks from PRIME was created to blur the line between commercial and home-gym equipment. The line features four rack options, all of which can be combined and connected in a plethora of configuration options, taking customization to another level. Each rack comes standard with both J-Hooks and Spotters Arms (Power Rack comes standard with Spotter Bars in place of Spotter Arms), making them the perfect canvas for the wide assortment of add-on features available for the Prodigy Line.


The handles that changed the game. The unique swivel design of these handles yields a drastic increase in output potential. The ergonomically enhanced grip of the RO-T8 handles reduce grip fatigue, allowing for optimal exercise efficiency-perfect for use with our Functional Trainer.


PRIME Benches are the perfect complement to a PRIME Rack and/or Functional Trainer. Built with the same rigidly and stability as you’d come to expect from all PRIME products, PRIME benches are heavy duty pieces. Available in two options: the PRIME Adjustable Bench and the PRIME XL Adjustable Bench, both offering superior adjustability and versatility to facilitate any need. Click the link below to learn about each of the PRIME bench option and how they could improve your facility.


PRIME’s SmartStrength

PRIME equipment features the most innovative, versatile and effective strength training technology in the world.


American-Made Quality

Each piece of PRIME is hand-crafted in Northwestern Pennsylvania and built to last.


Add Value to
Your Facility

The best equipment in the world positions your facility as a cut above the rest – a real world marketing tool for your business and added-value to your members.


Better Results for
Your Members

Prime offers the unique ability to completely train a muscle, from origin to insertion, unlike any other equipment in the world. Total muscle strength means injury prevention and increased range of motion.


More Efficient Workouts
for Your Members

With PRIME, members will get a total body workout, faster.

Here’s what the World’s top trainers have to say about PRIME FITNESS USA

Ben Pakulski (aka BPak) 


My brain is constantly looking for ways to improve my workout efficacy and get the most out of every single set and rep. When I found PRIME I was hooked. Once I understood the SmartStrength technology, my workouts improved dramatically and results skyrocketed. I chose PRIME for the very first line at MI40 because I knew the value and implications of hypertrophy training, athletics and improved range of motion.

For anyone serious about building muscle, or improving performance, nothing else even comes close to matching the potential for output and efficiency that this technology offers. It’s absolutely essential that you check out the PRIME line today.


Myself and my team of physique coaches here in Nottingham are known for the standard of results we produce for our clients. Our clients deserve the best equipment to train on day-to-day. PRIME as a company puts so much detail into the thought process behind every piece of equipment that they manufacture – anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, when combined make the best equipment.

I don’t know an equipment manufacture that puts the amount of detail in their equipment design that PRIME does. In order for my team to continue producing the standard of quality of results that we do, we would be lost without pieces of equipment such as PRIME.

Dana Linn Bailey


We chose PRIME Fitness USA for the Warhouse Gym because we want to give our members, our guests, our trainers, and of course ourselves the opportunity to be able to take athletic performance to the next level. The adjustable SmartCam and 3-peg Torque Arm design help you to train “smarter” by incorporating the use of the strength curve. Very few exercises, if any, maintain high tension on a muscle throughout its entire range of motion. Because of joint angles, the resistance or tension of an exercise cannot be constant through the entire rep.

Most exercises have strength curves where tension is high only in specific portions of the range of motion, but by using PRIME’s innovative SmartStrength technology, you are able to train your muscle and give tension through the full range of motion. It’s also great for working on sticking points of exercises and helps you to recruit more muscle fibers that you would not be recruiting on traditional equipment. Train smarter. Train to get stronger. And maximize your time in the gym! Thank you PRIME Fitness! We love you and our members love you!


I have invested in PRIME equipment to get the best out of my coaching results. Many Olympians get referred to me to help them deal with injuries. The biggest advantage of the SmartStrength feature, is that is allows me to match the strength curve of the athlete for a full range of motion. Their Plate Loaded Leg Curl is my favorite in dealing with hamstrings tears, as I can get the athlete to do full range in record time, and rebuild the strength accordingly.

Because of the incompetence in the strength and conditioning world, I see a lot of slap tears. There again, a resistance training machine that allows to overload specific patterns of the strength curve is critical. Not only is PRIME ultra-valuable in the rehab process, the company also builds very sturdy, efficient pieces to maximize strength training.

Greg Roskopf


When working with MAT clients, our specialists are always working towards specifically strengthening their clients’ weak links. Since bringing in PRIME equipment and their innovative SmartStrength® technology, our team can now manipulate the resistance profile of an exercise, an advantage that no other equipment can offer.

This adjustability allows our specialists to isolate and target a particularly weak area of a muscle. The ability to appropriately challenge and strengthen weak areas (that are typically being compensated for during exercises) is a game changer for MAT and our clients results.

How The Process Works

Step 1

Contact us by entering your name, phone number and email

Step 4

We send you a 2D and 3D design, quote for the equipment and install, and finance options

Step 2

Our expert gym design team will contact you within 24 hours (weekdays)

Step 5

Pay your deposit, and we start building your world class training facility

Step 3

Have your floor plans, wish list of equipment ready, or we’ll help you design a list

Invest in the best equipment money can buy

Why More People Than Ever Are Choosing AUSSIE STRENGTH & PRIME FITNESSA USA

When you’re starting to build a Gym in Australia, you’re going to need to purchase a huge range of equipment.

But the problem you’ll get with our fitness industry?

Most equipment is sold by corporations looking to maximise profit margins by sacrificing their quality to benefit shareholders.

They aren’t family owned businesses run by real military veterans and CrossFit coaches who have dedicated their lives to building the best quality gym equipment available in Australia.

Find out why the World's best use Prime Fitness USA technology

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