Patented SMARTSTRENGTH™ Technology

Made in the USA

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Five reasons to find your PRIME.

PRIME’s SmartStrength Technology

PRIME equipment features the most innovative, versatile and effective strength training technology in the world.

American-Made Quality

Each piece of PRIME is hand-crafted in Northwestern Pennsylvania and built to last.

Add Value to Your Facility

The best equipment in the world positions your facility as a cut above the rest – a real world marketing tool for your business and added-value to your members.

Better Results for Your Members

Prime offers the unique ability to completely train a muscle, from origin to insertion, unlike any other equipment in the world. Total muscle strength means injury prevention and increased range of motion.

More Efficient Workouts for Your Members

With PRIME, members will get a total body workout, faster.

PRIME Evolution

The Evolution line by PRIME sets the standard for strength training equipment with a newly designed smaller footprint to maximize the efficient use of floor space. It's got a solid steel design that offers a strong foundation with a modern look. A Precision-cut metal weight stack shield facilitates superior durability and visual appeal. SmartCam® technology gives Evolution a more compact design and smoother resistance transition, and the new “Pull & Turn” add-on weight system allows 5-pound increments with just the turn of a handle.

PRIME Hybrid

PRIME Legacy

PRIME Gym Equipment