Ballistic Wall Ball - 12lb

Contains one of each Premium Wall Ball

Premium Wall Balls are made with industry standard ballistic grade composite fiber.

  • 8lb Wall Ball
  • 12lb Wall Ball
  • 14lb Wall Ball
  • 20lb Wall Ball
  • 30lb Wall Ball

$ 190

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Premium Wall Ball Specifications

  • Strength - 3.6GPa
  • Stretch Modulus - 131 GPa
  • Elongation at Break - 2.8%
  • Permanent resistance to Acid, Alkali and Organic Solvent.
  • High Strength, High Wear Reistance and High Tear Resistance
  • Extremely Durable Wall Ball Construction
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The Premium Wall Ball

When the question of how to make our ultra tough line of Wall Balls came up, there wasn't really any discussion - we looked at critical protective equipment worldwide and designed them to cope with anything you threw them at.

With a design reminiscent of motorcycling clothing, ballistic vests and other mission critical gear, the Premium Wall Ball exists to address issues in traditional wall ball design - the biggest being grip and durability. It's made with a tightly woven composite material containing the same composite fiber found in the body armor of military and law enforcement personnel. The composite creates a protective shield that won't split, wear thin or succumb to piercing in the way a traditional wall ball will.

Rising above the traditional Wall Ball, the Premium model is perfect for high pressure CrossFit training environments - it's your best bet for quality, grip and longevity in your gym.

Aussie Strength Ballistic Wall Ball

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