Predator Sled - T-Bar

Extremely Durable Construction

  • Extremely Durable Construction
  • Weather Resistant
  • Includes Removable Plastic Strips
  • Interchangable Attachments for Exercise Diversity
  • Uses Olympic Weight Plates
  • Anchor Point for Included Harness
  • Drag Ropes can be retrofitted

$ 299

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  • 63cm total width
  • 107cm total height
  • 102cm total length
  • 16cm height without weight holder or pushing poles
  • 49cm height with weight holder
  • 107cm height with pushing poles


With the unmatched functional training benefits provided by a Sled, it's no wonder why it's recommended by top coaches and trainers around the world. The Predator Sled provides unbeleivable cardio and strength workouts for the entire body.

The Workout

The main feature of the Predator sled is it's incredible ability to inflict a brutal workout on its user. Unmatched when it comes to build quality and design, the Predator will decimate your body – and leave your muscles and cardiovascular system no choice but to step up to the challenge.

Friction Control

Includes Harness. The Aussie Strength Predator Sled includes nylon strips that coat the underneath for use on concrete, or you can remove them for use on our Carpet Sled Tracks or Astro Turf. When you eventually burn through the nylon strips, spares can be ordered.


The Predator Sled is approved for outdoor use and has a weather resistant coating, however we recommend undercover storage to ensure longevity.

Suggested Sled Configurations

All sleds include two tall bars. To configure for omnidirectional use, purchase two additional poles.

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