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The world's toughest rubber.

Power Bands


Power Bands are one of the most useful training tools on the market - and our premium rubber Power Bands are no exception. Available from tiny to gigantic, our Micro Bands are amazing for muscle activation and form awareness. Take one of our larger options, and you can do everything from enhanced stretching and rehab to assisted chin ups - our Power Bands can even add extra top-end resistance to classic presses.

Extreme Quality.


We do it different.

Aussie Strength Power Bands have a simple, effective advantage - they're made from continuously layered rubber instead of a join.

See it for yourself.

The small edge you see on the inside of the band is where we start pouring the rubber around a cylindrical template. Then, we continue layering around the circumference until it reaches the desired thickness - ensuring they're super strong and won't snap under pressure like a standard band. Regular bands are joined or fused - which gives them a major weak point that compromises their integrity as soon as they are taken off the shelf.

Power Bands

Individual Resistance Bands for weight training, rehabilitation and prehab.

Specialty Power Bands & Accessories

Used for specialty applications like sprinting, muscular activation and compression and modification.