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Power Bands - Complete Pack

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Aussie Strength Power Bands add Dynamic Resistance with Extreme Strength and Unmatched Safety.

  • Assist Chin-Ups or Dips
  • Colour Coded for Easy Selection
  • Add Dynamic Resistance to Barbell Exercises
  • 100% Latex Construction
  • Continuous Layering for Maximum Strength
  • No Joins to Snap or Break

X-Small – 1/2” Wide - Green

Mainly used for adding resistance to stretching and rehab exercises. Resistance is 2.5 – 18 kilograms.

Small – 1 1/8 wide - Yellow

A general use band and a specifically for adding resistance to people under 70 kgs during walks, high knees, or sprints, pull ups and dip assistance. Resistance is 12.5 – 40 kilograms.

Medium – 1 1/4” wide - Blue

Good size for general use and for adding resistance to people from 70 to 100 kgs for body movements. Good choice for pull up, dips and muscle up training. Resistance is 25 – 60 kilograms.

Large – 1 7/8” wide - Red

Great for getting started on bodyweight pull ups and adding resistance for elite athletes and people over 100 kgs. A good choice for adding increment weight to power lifts. Resistance 30 – 70 kilograms.

Power Band Videos

Assist Chin-Ups or Dips

For most people, Gym Bands are their first step towards completing powerful chin-up routines. By giving you a helping hand at the bottom of your chin-up or dip, Rubber Gym Bands help build critical strength in key areas without compromising the independence of your movements. Power Bands are a great tool for adding resistance to your workouts, too - including stretching, bodyweight exercises and barbell lifting. Aussie Strength Power Bands are ideal for assisted pull ups, muscle ups and dips.

Dynamic Resistance

By adding resistance at the apex of the lift, Power Bands create dynamic resistance patterns throughout your movement to add pressure in new, challenging ways. You can use them to support or add resistance in the depth of a bench press movement - depending on where you attach them. The same theory applies while using Power Bands in Squats, Hip Thrusts or Deadlifts.

100% Latex

All of our bands are made from 100% natural latex to ensure years of perfomance and stretch retention, before being coated and shipped to your facility or home gym. This minimises the chance of allergic reaction to unknown rubber compositions, and ensures that your Resistance Bands are safe, while having the longest lifespan in the industry.

Premium Quality

Aussie Strength Power Bands are manufactured using a continuous layering process to ensure a long lasting premium quality product. Most Resistance Bands for sale online are simply a strip of rubber melted together at the ends. This creates a weak point that's likely to snap while you're training, sometimes with disastrous consequences. Aussie Strength Power Bands are made by continuously wrapping a thin sheet of liquified rubber around, and around, and around - meaning there's no singular point of weakness to break. Once our Power Bands have reached the end of their life, they slowly let you know it's time to refresh your kit.

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