Power Bag - 5kg

  • The Aussie Strength Power bags come pre-filled in 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg and 25kg increments and cannot be changed.
  • An important part of bootcamp or studio planning is consumable item replacements.
  • We've provided a select range of products with vinyl/leather covers with replacement covers and bags.
  • Just like most Nike's and Adidas, the leather/synthetic covers on power bags & foam plyo covers wear out and need replacing.

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The Aussie Strength Power bags

Power bags and the training associated with them has allowed sports-people and trainers from many different areas to really find out what functional training can mean and what results can be achieved when applied properly. Used by Elite performers across the world, Power bags are finding their way into gymnasiums and into the military.

About Aussie Strength Power bags

  • Training with Power bags teaches the body to use its core stabilizers effectively in order that transfer of energy can take place effectively during even the most complex of movement patterns.
  • It provides a feedback mechanism to assist with the development of all movements being high quality.
  • It constantly emphasizes a high level of co-ordination within each movement and increases the power by which these co-ordinate movements can be carried out.
  • We have a 6 month warranty on our power bags, with most lasting an average of 12 to 18 months.
  • We also print on the sides of the bags "do not slam this bag" to further lengthen the life, as this is what causes the most damage.