Plyometric Box - Steel - Set of 4 - 30, 45, 60, 75 Centimeters - Red

Set of Aussie Strength Steel Plyometric Boxes.


  • Welded angular steel
  • Rubber feet to help prevent movement
  • Non-slip rubber on top of each platform
  • Stackable for easy storage
  • Comes as a set of four.

$ 399

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  • 30cm High - 33cm x 33cm Surface
  • 45cm High - 38cm x 38cm Surface
  • 60cm High - 40cm x 40cm Surface
  • 75cm High - 44cm x 44cm Surface

Jump Boxes, also known as Plyo Platforms are a must have training tool for explosive jump and speed training such as Plyometrics. Plyo box jumping is a critical aspect of plyometric training because the exercises uses not only your body weight, but also gravity to build muscle.Aussie Strength has designed the safest and sturdiest steel Plyo Boxes in Australia, complete with non-slip rubber tops. Aussie Strength Ply Boxes are commercial quality plyometric boxes and are designed to minimize any risk of trip or fall hazards.