(DLP2) Deadlift Platform - Band Pegs

Deadlift Platform Mk2 - Aussie Strength

  • Rebuilt from the ground up, the new deadlift platform by Aussie Strength.
  • Footprint is 258cm x  212cm.
  • Thickness of platform is 30mm.
  • Weight - 155kg

$ 999

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About Warranty

Our platform range has been designed for commercial and home use. When working with platforms the materials are steel frame, bamboo panel, and rubber tiles for impact absorption. We have a lifetime structure warranty on frames, and a 12 month on frame attachments (like band peg rails), the bamboo panel has a 12 month warranty, and the rubber has a 24 month warranty. Fair wear and tear rules apply, and remember the platform is designed to take the impact of all those heavy lifts, so with hundreds and thousands of lifts weekly from deadlifts, to cleans, snatches, thrusters and high pulls, the wood and rubber take a beating. For home use your platforms should last 5 to 7 years plus indoors, with single person usage.

** We recommend changing the rubber every few years or as needed (we stock the rubber separately).

About Deadlift Platform

Our deadlift platform includes band pegs for power band use during your deadlifts.Platform is built from a steel frame with band pegs, and rubber tiles within the frame.

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