Olympic Hex Trap Barbell - Black

Olympic Hex Trap Barbell - Black - Specialty Bar

  • Black Oxide Coating

  • 182cm Overall Length

  • 24kg Bar Weight

  • 25mm Shaft Diameter


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Product Description


Introducing the Aussie Strength Hex Trap MK2 Olympic Barbell.

Aussie Strength Olympic Hex Trap Barbell - Black might be one of the strangest pieces of gym equipment you will see in the gym today. With two handles giving the options of pulling from different heights, Hex Trap Bar is ideal for hip development when deadlifting, and taking strain off the back.

Aussie Strength Olympic Hex Trap Barbell - Black has the ability to reduce tension on the lumbar spine whilst developing lower body power. It does this by allowing you to step “into” the bar instead of standing behind it. This means you will be able to drive more weight off the floor with your hips and legs in a more upright position without the strength of your back coming into question.

The Hex bar is also a useful tool for teaching beginners how to deadlift without the dangers of weak backs and poor flexibility getting in their way, and for tall athletes who struggle to deadlift conventionally.

Add a variety and new challenges into any training program with Aussie Strength Olympic Hex Trap Barbell - Black.

Aussie Strength have Australia's largest range of barbells for sale - and you can get them all online with flat rate shipping to major metro areas. Aussie Strength is the best place to buy specialty barbells in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Oxidation Chart

Oxidation Rate Info

A barbells resistance to oxidation depends mainly on two things, the type of steel it's made from, and the type of coating. On the left hand lower end of the spectrum will require more barbell care & maintenance to prevent oxidation and preserve appearance than bars on the right hand side of the spectrum.


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