Micro Band Set - 10 x Red Pack

Micro Power Bands

Micro Power Bands. Micro Bands are a small, thin power band, manufactured join-free to ensure excellent quality and longevity.

  • Great for warm ups, glute activation and rehab exercises.
  • Built with the same superior rubber as our Power Bands
  • Great choice for rehab and warmups
  • Resistance at 100% elongation (twice the unstretched length)
  • Green - 5.4kgs
  • Yellow - 7.0kgs
  • Blue - 9.0kgs
  • Red - 10.0kgs
  • Width : 5cm
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Micro Band Set - 10 x Red Pack
Micro Band Set - 10 x Red Pack

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    Micro Bands

    Micro Bands Bondi (60 second version)

    Aussie Strength Micro Bands are one of the most popular products in our rehabilitation range. Excellent for warmups & muscular activation of Glutes, Hamstrings, Hip Flexors and many more muscle groups, the Micro Band is an invaluable tool for anybody who wants to ensure they reach their maximum potential while working out, whether it be on heavy compound movements or calisthenics.


    Micro Bands - Extra Small Micro Band Set

    • Micro Bands are a very small, thin power band, manufactured by the same process to ensure excellent quality and longevity.
    • Great for warmups, glute activation and rehab exercises.
    • Built with the same rubber as our Power Bands

    Our Micro Bands are made from a continuous layering process without seams - this makes sure they last much longer than other resistance band products, and prevents them from suddenly snapping under load.

    Aussie Strength is the place to buy Micro Bands online in Australia. Buy any three seperate Micro or Power Band products and get free shipping.

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