MaxxBench Hydraulic Bench Press

  • Olympic Bench Press
  • Hydraulic Safety Release Design
  • Allows Self-Release after Failure
  • Gravity Release controlled by Foot Pedal
  • Dramatically Increases Bench Press Safety

$ 4,299

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MAXX Bench - The Safest Weight Bench in the World

The World's Safest Bench Press

Maxxbench demo The Sydney Fitness Show

Maxxbench Australia

If you live in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast or Melbourne, we have a 40 day risk free trial of the world's safest bench press. Enter your details below to apply;

Features of Maxxbench

Automatic Bench Return

Gym time is too valuable to spend it resetting the equipment to that perfect height. When you are finished, the bench automatically returns to the starting height.

Adjustable Bench Height

No more pins to adjust positioning. If you do need to make adjustments, make them on the bench! Stay on the equipment, use the foot pedal and let the hydraulics do the work to get the perfect position.

Bench Press Safety

Press the upper limits and make those final reps to build muscle, then simply push a foot lever and remove yourself safely from any weight.

MaxxBench - Press Your Limits

The Maxx Bench is the first safe free weight exercise bench in the world that does not compromise the exercise. It allows athletes to press the upper limits and rescue themselves from heavy weights by simply pushing a foot lever.

Complete Your Sets.

The Maxx Bench allows you to complete the most important final repetitions to make the biggest gains. That’s the only way to build true muscle. The Bench allows you to press the limits, and more importantly, press YOUR limits – without ever putting yourself at risk. Every weight lifter that has ever been on a free weight bench press knows the feeling of maximum fatigue. You have pushed out every last repetition and there is no way you can get the barbell off your chest … until now. With our patent pending safety technology, the Maxx Bench lowers you out of harms way after you have pressed yourself to the Maxx.

Safety Prioritized

Unlike other equipment you see in the weight room, the Maxx Bench provides top level safety while maintaining the integrity of the exercise we all love – the bench press. Complete FULL repetitions without ever clanking the bar off the safety racks. No cables, no weight stacks, no interference. Just the same good old fashioned rock solid bench press, now with a new element of safety.