Light Commercial Power Cage

  • Multi grip Chin Bar
  • Single Chin Bar (optional - Can be used instead of multi grip chin bar)
  • J-Hooks
  • Spotting Arms
  • 280kg Load Rating


  • Front Width - 1243mm
  • Front Width including Band Pegs (optional addition)
  • Depth - 1277mm
  • Height - 2116mm
  • Dip Bar Length - 409mm (can be placed on exterior or interior of rack)
  • Band Peg Length (individual) - 142mm

$ 495

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Power Cage with Lat Pull Down and Seated Row

The all new Aussie Strength Light Commercial Power Cage.

The ASE Light Commercial Power Cage has been designed specifically for studios and home gyms, to get the best possible quality at the most affordable prices. We have also included a full range of features including. Power Cage for Commercial Applications or Serious Home Gyms.

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