HP2 Bar and Plate Pack

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The Best Bar & Bumper Package in Australia

  • 5kg BHP2 Plate Pair
  • 10kg HP2 Bumper Plate Pair
  • 15kg HP2 Bumper Plate Pair
  • 20kg HP2 Bumper Plate Pair
  • 25kg HP2 Bumper Plate Pair
  • AUSSIE STRENGTH Spring Barbell Collars
  • Your choice of available barbell

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HP2 Bar and Plate Pack
HP2 Bar and Plate Pack

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    World Class Bars & Bumpers.

    The Aussie Strength High Performance Bumper Plate Set is the perfect product for fitting out any serious home gym or training facility. As our premium line of bumper plates, this is a competition ready solution for both Olympic Lifting and other sports such as CrossFit or Bodybuilding.

    Featuring standard sizing, Olympic sleeves and a familiar knurl feel, you won’t have any surprises when you fit your existing facility or new setup with the HP2 Bumper Plate Set. We take care to ensure that every detail is perfected – and when you correctly care for your Bar and Plates, you can expect them to last. We back our included Valkyrie Hybrid Barbell with a lifetime warranty for CrossFit – even if you’re dumping it all day long.


    Build to be dropped. A lot.

    Valkyrie Barbells are a world class solution for Olympic Lifting, and the HD2 Bumper Plates are the perfect companion. From the knurling, that gives both a comfortable yet firm grip, to the ultra smooth Needle Bearing system, every detail is polished and built with the utmost precision. Other barbells often don’t give you either of these extremely important features, and whether you’re using the Valkyrie at home or putting it into your facility, the details matter.Aussie Strength High Performance Bumper Plates are moulded from premium quality virgin rubber, and fitted with a zinc centre plate for competition grade performance and a premium, eye catching look. With exceptional bounce, durability and finish, we’ve built a truly competition grade plate.

    As strong as it they come.

    We don’t have to tell you twice that the strength of a barbell is one of the single most important factors. That’s why VALKYRIE barbells come with weight ratings that you’re simply not going to exceed. Our Hybrid Series and Olympic barbell feature an industry standard 1,500lb rating – that’s almost seven hundred kilograms. But we didn’t stop there. Upgrade to the VALKYRIE Power Lifting Barbell for our absolute finest bar yet – with a 2,000lb rating and IPF Spec dimensions and knurling, you’re not just buying a Barbell – you’re buying an elite training experience.


    We stand behind our Barbells, in and out of the gym.

    Aussie Strength staff and ambassadors train with VALKYRIE Barbells and High Performance Plates – so we know exactly how tough they are. That’s why we back VALKYRIE bars with a lifetime warranty. CrossFit trainers don’t have to worry about being excluded from the best warranty in the business either – VALKYRIE Hybrid Barbells are completely covered for life against breakage from CrossFit training, even in a commercial environment.

    Superior Construction.

    The old saying “buy cheap, buy twice” has never held this much weight. Inferior barbells bend, rust and break in the same environment that VALKYRIE bars are built to excel in. Imagine paying hundreds for a bar and then replacing it because the knurl was too rough, or the bearings seized up. Cheap barbells don’t have the massive weight ratings or sleeve coatings that VALKYRIE pride their barbells on – leaving inferior products prone to breakage.


    The all in one Commercial & Home Gym solution.

    Our High Performance Bumper Plates can be found throughout training facilities in Australia. But that’s not the only place you’ll find them – hundreds of plate sets can be found in homes, backyards and garages throughout the country. The ever increasing benefit of owning a home gym has never been more apparent – and now you can have the same superior quality product as the best facilities in the business. If you’re sick of waiting for the deadlift platform or the squat rack, your solution is Aussie Strength Bar & Bumper package – matched with our market leading SPX Rack, you’re going to be training whenever you want – with competition grade equipment.

    We ship our Bar & Bumper sets on a pallet with Toll Express – giving you speedy delivery. But that’s not the best part – we’ll fill the pallet for no extra when you buy a Bar & Bumper package. Add as many kettlebells, power bands, weight vests and slam balls as you like. If we can fit it on, it ships free. Conditions apply.

    Hybrid Barbell Specifications

    • Chromium-Molybdenum Steel bar(216,000 psi, 1500lb rated)
    • Steel Sleeves
    • Black Oxide Shaft, Chrome Sleeves
    • Multi-interlocking Patented Bushing Design

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