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Stabilize upper back and hips while performing squats

  • Comfortable and easily adjustable
  • Safer than using a barbell
  • Provides the best quad workout

Comfortable and easily adjustable

Performing squats with free weights puts more pressure on the user's back since it moves the hips while performing a squat. By using a Hack Squat machine, it fixes the user's hips while bending which shifts the burden to the quads compared to other similar exercises.

Safer than using a barbell

Using barbells for squats requires the user to balance the weight on his shoulder. If the user losses their balance, he may fall forward or backward. With the Hack Squat machine, the user will be able to fully contrate on developing his lower body muscles.

Provides the best quad workout

Hack Squat is the go-to machine of athletes and bodybuilders to develop those incredible leg muscles.





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